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Recently, the out-of-control collision incident of Chaozhou Tesla has aroused heated discussions among netizens. The controversy of the accident lies in whether the car owner stepped on the brakes or did the brakes fail?

Just as the Chaozhou Tesla out-of-control case was brewing, another Tesla had a serious car accident and the driver was unfortunately killed.

On November 18, a video uploaded by netizens showed that a Tesla Model Y crashed into a dump truck in Wenzhou, Zhejiang.The Model Y was severely damaged, the front of the car was completely damaged, the A-pillar was bent and deformed, and the driver’s seat was almost completely crushed.

Another car was parked not far from the road, the trunk was opened, the rear bumper was severely mutilated, and several vehicles collided.

This afternoon, the Wenzhou traffic police issued a police report:

At about 8:25 am on November 18, 2022, Zhang (male, 46 years old, from Henan, driver’s license type A2E) drove a large loaner car from east to west to Jingde, Guoxi Street, Ouhai District. East Road Viaduct.

The empty container loaded by the vehicle collided with the viaduct height limit gate,As a result, the steel crossbeam of the height-restricted door dropped and hit a small car with a new energy license plate driving in the same direction on the left side of the large truck.

After that, the car was still driving from east to west along Jingde East Road, and stopped running after colliding with other vehicles along the road. The new energy mini car driver Pan (male, 54 years old, from Ouhai, driving license type B1D) was injured and died after the hospital failed.

At present, Zhang, the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident, has been controlled by the traffic police department of the public security department, and is suspected of drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs dismissed after investigation. The case is subject to further investigation.

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