Tesla finally delivered the Semi truck – Engadget 中文版


Five years after Tesla released the Semi semi-trailer truck, CEO Elon Musk presented the first batch of products to Pepsi, a customer who had placed an order for 100 vehicles, at today’s event. When first announced, the price of the Semi was much higher than that of ordinary diesel trucks, which caused heated discussions, but according to the factory, its operating efficiency will be 20% higher than traditional products (2kWh per mile) Cycling savings could be as much as $250,000. The Semi with a built-in 1MW battery can tow a weight of about 36.3 metric tons, and the acceleration time to 100 kilometers with no load and full load is about 5 seconds and 20 seconds. It can be filled with 80% of the electricity in just 30 minutes, and it also has advantages that ordinary trucks do not have in functions such as automatic driving and intelligent fleet management.

After opening doubts in 2017, the Semi, which was originally supposed to be introduced in 2019, has faced multiple delays like other Tesla models. The new crown epidemic and subsequent component shortages have caused major obstacles to production . Today, the product has finally officially entered the market, but can it disrupt the commercial truck industry? Customers also need to experience this problem. After Semi, Tesla should focus more on Cybertruck, and their Robotaxi is also worth looking forward to.