Tesla stock crashes on Musk risk over sexual harassment allegations

As the stock price of Tesla, an American electric vehicle maker, fell more than 6% due to a series of rumors from CEO Musk, the stock price of $700, the so-called ‘seven hundred dollars’, collapsed.

Tesla fell 6.42% on the Nasdaq to close at $663.90.

Tesla’s stock price plunged to the $600 level for the first time since August last year after allegations of sexual harassment by CEO Musk were raised.

Business Insider, an American economic media outlet, reported that Musk groped the legs of a female flight attendant on a SpaceX jet en route to London, England in 2016 and allegedly demanded sexual acts from the flight attendant.

It was reported that the injured crew member formally raised the issue with SpaceX in 2018, about two years after the incident, and Musk and SpaceX paid the crew member $250,000 and KRW 320 million in our money in the name of settlement money, etc. .

Musk vehemently denied the report, saying it was “not true at all”, but Tesla stock plummeted.

Experts diagnosed that the ‘musk risk’ was added to the upside as the tech stocks weakened by inflation and China’s corona 19 lockdown became the basic bad news for Tesla.

Prior to the allegation of sexual harassment, Musk was brought to the fore with his erratic behavior surrounding the Twitter takeover and remarks about real politics.

Musk has recently been at odds with Twitter executives, saying he would temporarily suspend the acquisition, saying that the rate of spam and fake accounts provided by Twitter was unreliable.

The market is interpreting that Musk is risking a spam account to lower the Twitter acquisition price, and Musk also suggested renegotiation of the acquisition price as “it is not impossible” as the Twitter stock price recently fell.

Musk said on the 18th that he would vote for the Republican Party in the November midterm elections, criticizing the Democrats as “a party of division and hatred”.

Also, when Tesla was removed from Standard & Poor’s ESG (Environmental, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance Improvement) Index, Musk made a political assertion that “ESG is a scam. ESG is weaponized by fighters who speak fake social justice.” .

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