Tesla sues Chinese KOLs for defamation after trying Model 3 forgery

The safety and quality of the motor car giant Tesla has attracted attention from all walks of life. According to Chinese media reports, Tesla officially sued a KOL filmmaker in the automotive field who has nearly 15 million followers on the short video platform Douyin on Wednesday (26th). “Chen Zhengang. It is suspected of “data falsification” when testing Tesla, and was sued by Tesla.

According to “Sina Auto”, Chen Zhengang released two videos on the Internet from April 29 to 30, 2021, titled “Using Your Two Cars to Do an Emergency Braking Test”. The video shows that I am driving the Tesla Model 3 and the XPEV P7 respectively. He drove to the pre-arranged paper dummy car and doll in the closed road, and released the accelerator pedal when the speed reached 50km/h, and did not do any braking action, only relying on the vehicle’s own automatic emergency braking system (AEB) Actively intervene and complete the test with the goal of not colliding with obstacles.

In three tests, the Tesla Model 3 directly hit the obstacle twice because it “recognized the obstacle and had no braking response”, which is far from ideal compared to the XPEV P7. However, some netizens found that in the process of testing the Model 3, they were suspected of stepping on the accelerator during the intervention of the automatic emergency braking system.

It can be seen from the video that the Tesla Model 3 still displayed a small amount of power output on the central control screen of the Tesla Model 3 while the vehicle was coasting and waiting for the automatic emergency braking system to intervene. Therefore, it is presumed that Senior Xiaogang activated the automatic emergency braking system in the car. I hit the accelerator several times in the process.

Tesla’s relevant departments have officially responded to the incident and sued “Senior Xiaogang” for “test data falsification”.

And “Xiaogang Senior” expressed to netizens on the Internet that he hoped that the notary office, Tesla officials, other media, and fans will work together to verify the problem of active braking; it doesn’t matter if you lose the lawsuit, just to restore a truth, China is a society ruled by law, and for yourself You are responsible for your actions, and you will not regret whether you win or lose the lawsuit.

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