Tesla will gradually remove ultrasonic sensors from new cars, and future vehicle detection will rely entirely on visual systems – Engadget Chinese version


Tesla recently announced that it will be phasing out ultrasonic sensors from new cars starting in October, and instead fully embrace purely visual driver assistance systems that rely entirely on cameras. Currently, most of the other brands will use a solution of multiple components such as cameras, radar, and LiDAR. In contrast, Tesla’s direction is undoubtedly much more radical. According to the official plan, the ultrasonic sensors on the Model 3 and Y will be removed in the next few months, and then the Model S and X will follow by 2023.

As ultrasonic sensors are mainly used to detect obstacles within a short distance, functions such as smart summoning and parking assistance will not normally work during the transition, and car owners need to wait for subsequent OTA updates to restore it. Since last year, Tesla has been in the process of breaking the radar sensor on the car, and now further expansion of the ultrasonic module is clearly early in their plan. The head of the company, Elon Musk, used to do thatan assertion“The accuracy of the vision system is much higher than the radar solution,” and he also strongly believes that if humans can rely on binocular vision to drive a car well, machines can do it too.

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