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Test the new features of Pokemon GO and the illustrated book with costume Pokemon.Different colors and 100% list-Engadget Japanese version

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has started a new function test of the picture book. Classifications such as “Tokushu” and “Different colors” have been added to the picture book, and you can list the Pokemon caught in the past and check the progress to complete.

Special Pokemon that were not previously listed in the picture book, such as event-limited costume Pokemon, can also be recorded, and can be sent to the doctor without hesitation to organize the boxes.

On the other hand, you can also use it to check the collection status for each category and set your own goals, such as “different color picture book”, “kira picture book”, and “100% evaluation picture book”.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

The new features of Pokédex have just recently been announced as a pre-official test, with only some trainers planning to offer them in advance.

Pokemon GO, improved pictorial book and real-time sky reproduction tested for some players only

In addition to the conventional “all” and “mega”, the trainer’s pictorial book that hit the test showed classifications such as “Tokushu”, “Irochigai”, “Kira”, “Shadow”, “Light”, and “3 stars”. ..

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

For example, “Tokushu” is lined with costume Pokemon such as the hat Pikachu that once appeared only at events.

You can still narrow it down by searching the Pokemon Box, but in the new picture book under test, Pokemon that were once captured and now released are also recorded.

Until now, costume Pokemon were treated as variations of the same type rather than different Pokemon, so they did not remain in the picture book, and there was no display by switching between different colors and region forms.

For example, Armored Mewtwo, which has a very different appearance and performance, is treated as a different outfit, which is not left in the picture book and cannot be switched.

If you wanted to keep the captured facts, you had to put them in the Pokemon box, but if you can leave it as an entry to the Tokushu picture book, you can send it to the doctor or exchange it as soon as you fill in the picture book after updating the new function. ..

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

This is the display of the “color difference” classification. Like regular pictorial books and mega-sinker pictorial books, the entries you get will be filled, and those you have never seen will be in the frame of the pictorial book number. The same applies to classification by ability such as “3 stars”, glitter and shadow.

This classification seems to be testing some patterns, and different types have been reported depending on the trainer received.

Among them, there is also a terrifying classification that is perfect in the evaluation of Pokemon (the ability value evaluation is 15 for both offense and defense stamina, so-called 100% individual).

I’m a trainer who is prepared to complete different color Pokemon and collect all 100% individuals, it’s a nice feature that makes it easy to check the progress, and at the same time, I’m lucky enough to come and I didn’t care so much. However, if there are blanks to fill, you may want to fill them and step into the path of Shura.

A new classification of Pokédex will be tested and available to all players later this summer.


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