Textbook for Adults | 11 year old boy named and wants to play Anson Lo, a transfigured man who looks like Edan

Children’s reality show “Adult Textbook” hosted by Hong Yongcheng, after sweeping the dolls of the 10-year-old sister earlier, the production team arranged a new task, inviting Cai Shiqi, an 11-year-old primary school student, to join the “boy dress-up room” For her big makeover, dress up like Mirror’s popular idol Anson Lo (Lu Hanting)!

Mirror member Anson Lo Lu Hanting. (profile picture)

This time, Shi Qi called his name personally and said, “I’m so happy that I look like Anson Lo”, so Hong Yongcheng decided to make the little boy’s wish come true. During the dressing up period, Ricky tried to ask Shi Qi further if he dare to wear a skirt. Shi Qi was a little hesitant, but Ricky persuaded the little boy to try on the culottes look by saying “all boys are Scotland wears skirts”, and Shi Qi even takes the initiative to try to dye his hair often. In addition, when it came to the part of applying nail polish, although Shi Qi was a little resistant at first, after putting it on his hands, he found that it was more suitable for himself.

An 11-year-old boy wants to dress like Anson Lo. (screenshot of the program)

After Shi Qi’s big transformation, he has changed from a thin and gentle boy who was originally gentle and gentle, to full of confidence, and he looks like Chok in front of the camera. However, many netizens thinks he is more like Lu Juan (Edan), another member of SHOW. As the principal of a famous school in Sham Shui Po, Cai Shiqi’s mother said in an interview that it is not “normal” for boys to wear makeup, but seeing that Shi Qi’s transformation is more confident and handsome than before, she thinks that it is a good thing.

Click to see the transformation before and after!


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