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Glorious released the demo version of the all-new work “Wolong: The Fall of the Sky” at the Tokyo Game Show 2022. Regarding the demo version, we interviewed the producer Fumihiko Yasuda and the developer and producer Mako Yamaji , and let them talk about how to play.

Currently, the development progress is about 70%. This test version is open to gather player base. I hope to make adjustments to the full version to make players satisfied as much as possible.

Go! The trial version runs until September 26th

PS5 and Xbox Series X trial versions | S of “Wolong: The Fall of the Sky” is open for download right now and will end at 14:59 on September 26. You can give your opinion through an online questionnaire.

The item can be obtained in the game “Wolong Pocket Sun” by clearing the special code (also available in the official version).

Bonus demo

After the two producers’ explanation, I learned that Team Ninja used some Chinese martial arts moves as early as the “Fight to the Death” series.

However, compared to boxing and kung fu, this is the first time that weapons are used to perform martial arts actions in “Wolong: The Fall of the Sky”. Therefore, some martial arts instructors from movies were invited to assist and consult, and then the martial arts moves were introduced in the game.

According to our understanding, “Wolong Cangtian” has been developed from the early period until today. Much has changed and many changes have been made. The demo version released this time is quite close to the great effect of the development team, including the “resolve” system for counter-attacks.


Although “resolve” means “take the enemy’s attack and then counterattack”, in the face of the enemy’s continuous pursuit, producer Yasuda explained that “resolve” is a flexible resistance movement that can occur during the enemy’s attack.

In other words, it does not matter if you lose it If the enemy attacks more than ten times in a row and then takes another charge attack, the player can also wait for the charge time to resolve.

Does adding “Resolve” make blocking and evasion fake? Producer Yasuda believes that this may indeed happen, but if it cannot bring a better feeling and satisfaction at this time, the development team will make adjustments afterwards, and invite players to respond through the experience questionnaire.


You can see the strength of the “morale” firsthand

One of the characteristics of “Wolong: The Fall of the Sky” is the visible value “morale” The development team revealed, although the “invisible” morale value can maintain a sense of immersion.

However, the “visible” value can deepen the sense of game strategy. For example, players can choose to challenge strong enemies with high morale, or abuse soldiers with large gaps.

Additionally, even among enemies of the same type, there will be differences in morale. In short, players, please understand the fighting strength of the enemy and the enemy!

Notable. Although the “morale” level can be seen, it is not the intention of the development team to let players focus on the morale level of the “farmer”; on the contrary, players can use items that boost morale, or use methods to weaken the morale of the enemy, or even make good use of the above The “solution” was surprisingly successful.


I feel that enemies with a morale level difference of more than 3 are especially difficult to fight. The development team encourages players to use more items and combat skills to solve low-level and high-level enemies. After all , defeating powerful enemies has a chance to get better virtual equipment.

In addition, just like the familiar “Five Elements” characteristics of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, players can have certain effects by investing points, and some can weaken the enemy’s momentum, etc. You can customize them according to your you play style.

Compared to “Nioh”, which tells the meaning of “continuous rebirth” throughout the plot, “Wolong”…? The development team sold this key: “It will be explained in the plot, this is a very important point.


Apparently, the four characters of “Failure” must have impressed many people in the experience version of “Wolong: Fall of Heaven”. After inquiries, they learned that the four character display that often appears in the game is that symbol the development team hopes to be in line with the world’s opinion.

For example, winning “overcome the enemy and win” brings instant gratification. Because the development team has many members from the Chinese language department, everyone’s opinion is consulted during the process.

Compared to the “Wood Spirit” in “Niwang”, it was asked whether “Wolong: The Fall of the Sky” also has a similar character?

Producer Yasuda revealed that considering the lack of cute characters in the theme of Diablo Three Kingdoms, it may seem too serious. Although the test version has not been installed yet, everyone will see it in the official version.

asset-C_18_TC asset-C_18_SC

There can only be a maximum of 3 goals in one game, it turned out to be…

Based on the previous experience of “Nioh”, considering that too many people participate in multiplayer combat, the sense of participation of individual characters will be weakened. Therefore, the development team only a maximum of 3 characters arranged in one game, that is, one player and one NPC messenger. , Call a friend.

However, because the background of “Wolong: Fall of the Heavens” is in the Three Kingdoms era, the most famous of the Three Kingdoms era are Taoyuan Sanjieyi, Sanying and Lu Bu and other classics, so the three characters have such connections also.

Finally, Yasuda Fumihiko invited all players to download the trial version together, and submit many ideas and opinions.

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