“Tha Kham Cold Room” slashes “Nonthaburi” 1-0, chasing the crowd to 3 points in Futsal League

December 30, 64, Futsal Thai League 2021-22, matchday 17, the first match of Thursday, December 30, 64 at Indoor Stadium Huamark, closed competition according to the measures BC, which is a meeting between “Phueng Killer” Nonthaburi, the 13th team with 11 points, meets “Thep Phrachai”, Tha Kham cold room. The second team with 36 points

This pair of games had only one goal coming in the second half in the 30th minute and it was Tha Kham cold room. Who came to get the winning goal from the free-kick of Kelton Antunes, who pressed the free-kick to deflect Patcharanin Jindatham, changed the doorway to help cold room Tha Kham to win 1-0 to Nonthaburi, adding to 39 points After the leader of Free Fire Blue Wave, Chonburi has only 3 points left, while Nonthaburi still stops at 11 points, ranked 13th, still having to escape relegation.

The results of the other matches were as follows:

Northeastern University 0-2 Port Authority

Royal Navy 1-0 Bangkok City


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