Thai Badminton Champion Kulwut Vitidsarn Gives Team a 1-0 Lead in Asian Games

Thai Badminton Player Gives Thai Team 1-0 Lead in Asian Games
29 September – In a thrilling match at the BJ Gymnasium, Thai badminton player Kulwut Vitidsarn emerged victorious over his opponent from Hong Kong, securing a 2-1 victory in sets. With this win, he contributed crucial points to give the Thai badminton team a 1-0 lead in the men’s team category.

Thai Riders Shine in Freestyle Horse Riding Competition
Thai national riders showcased their talent in the individual category of freestyle horse riding at the Tong Lu Equestrian Center. Supasin Kongphan, riding his beloved horse Bel Canto, scored an impressive 71.670 points, securing the 5th position. Another Thai rider, Chanok “Clara” Rücker, rode Vincent and secured the 11th position with a score of 66.175 points. The gold medal went to Mohammad Kabil Hamblak from Malaysia, while Jacqueline Su from Hong Kong clinched the silver medal and Anush Agarwalla from India won the bronze.

Thai Boxer Advances in Men’s Category, Another Eliminated in Women’s Category
Thitisan, competing in the men’s 51 kg category, displayed remarkable skills in the round of 16 at the Hangzhou Gymnasium. With his dominant punches, he defeated Tu Po Wei from Taiwan with a score of 4-1, securing a spot in the last 8 where he will face the host, Jiang Jiamao. However, Peerapat Yeasungnoen faced defeat in the men’s 71 kg category against Mongolia’s Tukuldur Byambatsogt, marking the second elimination for the Thai boxing team. In the women’s 60 kg category, Thananya Ya Somnuk emerged victorious over Pasut Risa from the Philippines due to their absence from the competition.

Thai Badminton Star Shines in Singles Category
Continuing the success in badminton, Kulwut Vitidsarn, the number 1 player in the Thai national team and ranked 4th in the world, displayed his prowess in the men’s singles category at the BJ Gymnasium. After intense training, he defeated his opponent from Hong Kong, Lee Chiak Yew, with a thrilling 2-1 victory, securing points and giving the Thai badminton team a 1-0 lead in the first pair of the men’s team category. The competition in the singles category will commence on October 2.

Thai Team’s Performance in the Asian Games Medal Table
As the Asian Games progress, China, the host nation, continues to dominate the medal table with 88 gold medals, accompanied by 50 silver medals and 26 bronze medals. Japan stands in third place with 18 gold medals, 29 silver medals, and 29 bronze medals. Thailand has showcased commendable performance, securing 6 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 9 bronze medals, securing the 6th position.

Upcoming Asian Games Gold Medal Competitions
Tomorrow, on 29th September 2023, the Asian Games will witness 39 gold medals being awarded across various sports disciplines. Swimming, fencing, gymnastics, athletics, cycling, squash, shooting, and Sepak Takraw are among the sports offering gold medals, while tennis and triathlon will each present one gold medal.

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China 28 September – “View” Kulwut Vitidsarn defeated his opponent from Hong Kong 2-1 in sets, accumulating points to give the Thai badminton team a 1-0 lead.

Freestyle horse riding with music, individual category, at Tong Lu Equestrian Center, “Win” Supasin Kongphan, Thai national rider, riding his beloved horse, Bel Canto, scored 71.670 points, finishing in 5th place, while Chanok “Clara ” ” Rücker rode Vincent, finishing in 11th place, scoring 66.175 points. The gold medal went to Mohammad Kabil Hamblak, the former runner-up from Malaysia, scoring 75.780 points, while the silver medal went to Jacqueline Su, the former eventual champion from Hong Kong who scored 73.450 points, Anush Agarwalla won the bronze medal of India 73.030 points

Amateur boxing at Hangzhou Gymnasium, round of 16, men’s category 51 kilograms, Thitisan, Thailand’s Blue Corner Mode, meets Tu Po Wei from Taiwan. Throughout the 3 rounds of the fight, Thitisan’s punches are more prominent. Won by 4-1 and advanced to the last 8 to meet the host Jiang Jiamao next.

In the men’s 71 kg category, Peerapat Yeasungnoen lost to Mongolia’s Tukuldur Byambatsogt by 0-5 votes, making her the second person to be eliminated from the Thai boxing team, while in the women’s 60 kg category Thanan Ya Somnuk didn’t have to push hard, winning past Pasut Risa from the Philippines. This is because Filipino boxers did not travel to China in the first place. Due to health and weight issues, Thananya made it to the final 8.

Badminton at BJ Gymnasium, first round, men’s team category, first pair, men’s singles, “View” Kulwut Wititsan, badminton player, number 1 in the Thai national team and number 4 in the world, the latest world champion holder. Trained tirelessly before defeating Hong Kong’s Lee Chiak Yew 2-1, setting 19-21, 21-18 and 21-8, accumulating points to give the Thai badminton army a 1-0 lead in pairs. singles category. The competition will start on October 2.

Summary of the latest gold medals: China, the host, is still in first place, winning 88 gold medals, 50 silver medals, 26 bronze medals. Third, Japan has 18 gold medals, 29 silver medals, and 29 bronze medals. Thailand has won. Then 6 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 9 bronze medals, 6th place.

Regarding the Asian Games gold medal competition program, tomorrow (29 September 2023) there will be 39 gold medals, swimming 7 gold medals, fencing 6 gold medals, gymnastics 5 gold medals, athletics 5 gold medals, cycling 4 gold medals, Squash 4 gold medals , shooting 4 gold medals, Sepak Takraw 2 gold medals, tennis and triathlon 1 gold medal each – Thai News Agency

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