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A money manager from Bank of Ayudhya revealed that the baht closed this evening at 29.99 baht / dollar, stable at the level. Same with the market opening in the morning During the day, the trading force moved in the range of 29.97-30.05 baht / dollar due to no new factor.

“Baht is stable as in the morning During the day, swing in the frame following the trading force. The market is waiting for new factors to come in, ”said the money manager.

Tonight, markets await the statement from the Federal Reserve President (Fed) on monetary policy. Including keeping an eye on the announcement of measures Fiscal to stimulate the economy of Mr. Joe Biden that the President of the United States. And the announcement of weekly jobless claims figures That is expected to increase to 7.95 lakh from 7.8 lakh in the previous week.

Money manager Evaluate the framework of the baht movement tomorrow at 29.95-30.10 baht / dollar.

  • Key factor

  • The yen stood at 103.99 yen / dollar from the morning level 103.89 yen / dollar.
  • The euro stood at 1.2166 dollars / euros from 1.2164 dollars / euros earlier in the morning.
  • The SET Index closed today at 1,535.98 points, down 11.33 points, -0.73%, trading value 97,201.58 million baht.
  • Group trading volume summary Foreigners, net buy 822.19 million baht (SET + MAI)
  • Director of the Center for International Trade Studies The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce expects Thai exports in the year ’64 to turn around.

3.6% from the year 2020 which contracted -7% with the main positive factors: 1. The world economy recovered. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expected

The world GDP is expected to grow 5.2%, while the World Bank predicts global GDP growth of 4% and 2. The coronavirus vaccination.

With at least 40% of the world’s population

For the trend of the baht this year We believe that the direction will continue to appreciate from the end of the year 20. Expected that the baht average will be at 31.00 baht / dollar (30.00-32.00) appreciation from the full year 63 at 31.29 baht / dollar. Every 1% increase will result in a 0.11% decrease in export value.

  • Fund to promote energy conservation Has been allocated a budget of 6,500 million baht in the fiscal year 2021 that budget

The important estimate is the budget that will be used to support the project under the Energy Conservation Promotion and Renewable Energy Group.

The foundation economy of 2,400 million baht aimed to encourage communities across the country to apply energy technology to create jobs and generate income.

  • Chinese Sinovag Biotech has confirmed the safety and efficacy of its CoronaVac vaccine.

It was produced after researchers in Brazil revealed the results of a final clinical trial showing the anti-virus efficacy lower than initially advertised.

  • Several analysts have downgraded Malaysia’s economic forecast this year. After Malaysia announced measures

Lockdowns, including an emergency declaration to curb the spread of COVID-19

  • The Governor of the Bank of Japan (BOJ) said today. The Japanese economy is in a critical situation. And there will be a recovery rate

Only a little Due to the impact of the epidemic COVID-19

  • The Federal Reserve released a summary of the economic conditions of the 12 Feds, or the “Beige Book,” yesterday.

Stating that the US business sector has a positive view of economic growth. But he remains concerned about the new coronavirus outbreak –



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