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Bangkok Bank money managers revealed that the baht closed tonight at 35.08 / 10 baht / dollar, appreciating slightly. From the morning market that opened at 35.14 baht / dollar, during the day it moved within the range of 35.00 – 35.11 baht / dollar. No new factors yet The market is looking forward to next week’s meeting of the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) on interest rates for the last round of the year.

Money managers expect the baht to move tomorrow in the range of 34.90 – 35.20 baht / dollar.

  • an important factor

  • The yen was at 137.40/80 yen/dollar from 137.11 ¥/dollar this morning.
  • The euro was at $1.0473/0475, from $1.0464 this morning.
  • The SET index closed today at 1,622.28 points, down 10.69 points (-0.65%), with a trading value of 55,956 million baht.
  • Group Trading Volume Summary Foreigners buy net 1,359.01 million baht (SET+MAY)
  • Ministry of Commerce Reveal the general consumer price index (CPI) or general inflation rate in November 2022 at 107.92

An increase of 5.55% since the same month last year. As a result, the average inflation rate for the first 11 months of this year (Jan-Nov) increased by 6.10% from the period

same last year Inflation rate in November. slowed for the third consecutive month following a slowdown in food prices.

Only fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, meat and cooking ingredients

In terms of inflation trends in December. 65 and is expected to continue growing at a similar level to the previous month. due to food group energy prices and public prices still higher than the same month last year Including domestic demand began to improve.

  • Kasikorn Bank (KBANK) raised the policy rate for the third time in 2022 by another 0.25% to 1.25%.

Raising the interest rate for large customers, MLR and MOR 0.25%, while raising the interest for retail customers, MRR by only 0.13%.

  • The CRC predicts that the Thai economy in 2023 will likely expand at 3.0-3.5%, which is a lower growth rate than the country.

Asian counterparts such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines while exports are expected to slow down in line with the global economic trend

weakened, it is expected to expand in the range of 1.0-2.0%, while headline inflation is expected to be in the range of 2.7-3.2%.

  • The finance minister said the government has a five-year plan to increase income per GDP to 16% in order to create fiscal sustainability.

As the ratio of income to GDP has gradually fallen below the country’s potential from 17% in 2013 to 14.9% in 2021, it must be adjusted.

Cooked in many parts Expenditure of both governments Regular expenditure budget and investment budget, especially investment budget that may need to improve the money ratio

capital per country GDP to allow investment in large-scale projects to support the long-term growth of the Thai economy and help increase

more competitiveness of the country through one Is diversifying investment to the private sector more,” said Mr Arkom.

  • The aim of the ERC is to propose that the government consider postponing the automatic adjustment of electricity tariffs (Ft) for January-April. 66 out

Go first to mitigate the impact of the people and the business sector.

  • China’s National Health Commission (NHC) today announced the easing of COVID-19 containment measures, including:

Allow patients with mild or asymptomatic symptoms to Quarantine at home instead of being transported to a government-provided quarantine facility

and abolishing the rule for showing negative results in most public places. This is considered a change in the national strategy. to delete

Public discontent and damage to the economy.

  • China’s Administration of Customs (GAC) reported today that November exports fell 8.7% year on year. worse

Analysts in a Reuters poll had predicted it could fall 3.5 percent after moving down 0.3 percent in October on freight.

China’s exports have been affected by slowing global demand.

  • The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China announced that to revive the economy in the year ’66, with a promise that the policy will continue

Proactive and targeted and efficient financial policy.

  • Bloomberg Economics released a new analysis report stating that the world economy is about to face its worst year yet

About 30 years, due to the energy crisis as a result of the war in Ukraine, continues to affect the economy

  • Global funds have started buying Indonesia’s government bonds the most in more than a year, a move that could signal that

Investors are turning their attention to emerging Asian bonds.

  • Economists at Capital Economics, a global economic research firm, said:

Japan’s economy will enter recession in 2023 as export growth slows. and increased care that occurs frequently

When exports start to decline

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