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A money manager from Bank of Ayudhya revealed that the baht opened the market this morning at 33.50 baht / dollar, strengthening from the end of yesterday evening at 33.57 baht / dollar.

This morning, the baht appreciated from yesterday’s market close. It is expected today that the baht will be in a period of rest. because in the past, the value has depreciated a little quickly at the beginning of the week During the day, we will have to look mainly at a flow from foreign countries, while most recently, the president of the Federal Reserve of the United States did not have States (Fed) strict approach. Or will it surprise the market on the direction of the Fed interest rate in any way

“The chairman of the Fed is still suggesting that he will continue to raise interest rates. just saying the inflation factor would have dropped significantly, it was a balanced stance. not harsh Or a surprise to the market,” said the money manager.

Money managers expect the baht to move today within a range of 33.35 – 33.65 baht / dollar.

THAI BAHT FIX 3M (February 7) was at 1.06731%, while THAI BAHT FIX 6M was at 1.44752%.

The latest SPOT is 33.48500 baht / dollar.

  • an important factor

  • The yen was at 131.15 yen/dollar from 131.77/79 ¥/dollar last night.
  • The euro was at $1.0726/euro from last night at $1.0717/0721.
  • Exchange rate Thai baht / dollar weighted average interbank The Bank of Thailand is at 33.626 baht / dollar.
  • The Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) revealed that after China opened the country to tourist travel.

can travel Discussed with TAT executives, concluded that the 2023 goal was maintained, the total revenue for the year was 2.38 trillion baht.

The number of foreign tourists entering Thailand is 30 million people, generating 1.5 trillion baht in income from foreigners and Thais traveling in Thailand.

135 million people – times, generating about 880,000 million baht in revenue

  • The president of the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) announced last night that inflation is falling (Deflation), which is a process

That will lead to a slowdown in inflation. has begun to appear especially in the goods sector, however, the slowdown

The sustainability of inflation is still a long way off. And at the moment we are only at the beginning.

  • The US dollar weakened against major currencies in trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday (February 7).

Wed) after the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell said that inflation in the United States has started to slow down. which investors see

It is a signal to speed up the rate hike.

  • The price of Bitcoin rose above $23,000 early this morning. After the chairman of the Fed showed the opinion that the money

Inflation in the United States begins to slow.

  • New York gold futures closed higher on Tuesday (February 7) as the dollar weakened. and the statement of Mr.

Federal Reserve Chairman Rome Powell (Fed) is a driver for the market.

  • Investors await the annual State of the Union address from US President Joe Biden during

This morning (February 8) at 9:00 am Thai time The announcement was made amid conflict between the United States and Russia.

Zia in the case of the Ukraine war and the trade war between the United States and China. Including the tension from the recent balloon shooting incident in the United States.

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