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Treasury managers from the Bank of Ayudhya revealed that the baht opened the market this morning at 36.88 baht/dollar, valued by The market closed last night at 36.99 baht/dollar after the dollar fell against the euro. The market is waiting to see the results of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting in the middle of the week. Including waiting to hear the statement from the Fed chairman which will be an indication of the direction of interest rates in the future. The market believes that this round of the Fed will certainly raise interest rates. But still not sure how much it will increase

“The baht appreciated from last night after the dollar fell. Markets are cautious in investing in anticipation of the outcome of the Fed meeting and statement. the Fed chairman on future interest rates first,” said the money manager.

treasury Estimated movement of the baht today at 36.80 – 36.95 baht / dollar.

THAI BAHT FIX 3M (September 19) is at 0.81864%, while THAI BAHT FIX 6M is at 0.76674%.

  • an important factor

  • The Yen was at 143.10 ¥/dollar from yesterday evening at 143.49 ¥/dollar.
  • The euro was at $1.0038/euro from $0.9969/euro last night.
  • Baht/dollar exchange rate The weighted average of the interbank BOT was 36.937 baht/dollar.
  • “Magic” pointed out that Forex-3D is using loopholes in the law to deceive people, ordering the BOT, the SEC to discuss the reform of the law to take care of it.

Covering the SEC, “Chaiyawut” Forex beyond the power of supervision.

  • Bank of Thailand (BOT) Explanation on Foreign Exchange Investment or exchange rate speculation

(FOREX) in Thailand is illegal. Because people have to do foreign currency transactions with licensed business operators.

by the Minister of Finance only and has never issued a license to the general public

  • The government has set a goal to support tourism. By giving an overview of the year 66, Thai tourism has returned to 80%.

the year 2019 or before the Covid-19 situation The total tourism revenue is expected to be 1.73 trillion baht, divided into different income.

country of 97 hundred billion baht and circulating income from the Thai market of 7.6 hundred billion baht and believe that if it is in accordance with the tourism situation,

Useful in all aspects It is expected to have a total revenue of 2.38 trillion baht, divided into 1.5 trillion baht in foreign markets and domestic markets.

Country 8.8 billion baht

  • The Minister for the Digital Economy and Society (DES) said the government aims to drive the digital economy to account for 30 per cent of G.

The country’s DP in 70, from now on, will be the Web 3.0 era. Transactions will take place on digital economy platforms such as Metaverse, which

is something that will happen in the future

  • Japan’s consumer price index (CPI) rose 2.8 percent in August year-on-year. which is the highest level in the cylch

Almost 8 years, which shows inflationary pressure due to increase in raw material prices. and the weakening yen

  • The US dollar was slightly lower against major currencies in trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Monday.

(September 19) Although investors are eyeing the results of the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) monetary policy meeting, which will be announced on Wednesday, US time.

or Thursday morning, Thai time

  • New York gold futures ended negative on Monday (September 19) as markets were pressured by rising bond yields.

The United States and concerns about the Federal Reserve (Fed) interest rate hike.

  • Analysts predict that Gold futures are likely to fall to the levels of $1,600 – $1,650 per ounce. If the Fed accelerates

interest rates to curb inflation

  • Investors are eyeing the US Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is expected that the Fed will raise interest rates as

a lot

  • Research organization CFRA says that if the Federal Reserve (Fed) raises interest rates by more than 0.75% at its weekly meeting,

This would be too tight a monetary policy. and will cause the Wall Street stock market to collapse.

  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta said its latest GDPNow forecast model shows that

The US economy grew by 0.5% in the third quarter.

  • US economic data this week includes home building permit numbers and construction in August, used home sales.

Two months from August, weekly jobless claims, Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) in the services and manufacturing sectors for February.

by S&P Global

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