Thai baht market conditions: opened this morning 33.47, appreciated by region | RYT9

A treasury manager from the Bank of Ayudhya revealed that the baht opened this morning at 33.47 baht/dollar, appreciated from the close yesterday evening at 33.52 baht/dollar.

Today, the baht appreciates like most regional currencies. The global market is open to risks. while investors are worried About Omicron covid Today, the flow must be monitored during the New Year’s Eve. The market in the afternoon is expected to be calm. Since the exporters-importers and investors should have done almost all of the transactions. because it is the last trading day of this year

“Today the market should be calm. and transactions should be thinner in the afternoon,” the treasury said.

Money managers estimate the baht movement frame today at 33.40 – 33.55 baht/dollar.

THAI BAHT FIX 3M (Dec 29) is at 0.28739% while THAI BAHT FIX 6M is at 0.40759%.

  • important factor

  • The yen was at 115.04 yen/dollar from yesterday evening at 114.99 yen/dollar.
  • The euro was $1.1345/euro from $1.1286 yesterday evening.
  • Baht/dollar exchange rate The BOT’s interbank weighted average was at 33.553 baht/


  • The US dollar was lower against the major currencies in trading at the New York Stock Exchange last night (29).

Dec.) as investors sell the US dollar, which is a safe-haven currency. and buy a currency that is a risky asset such as the dollar

Australia and the pound ease concerns about the impact of the coronavirus. Omicron species

  • Studies in South Africa, England and Scotland have all shown that people with COVID-19 The Omicron species are

Low risk of hospitalization compared to those infected with the COVID-19 virus. other species

  • US Department of Commerce The US trade deficit rose 17.5 percent to $97.8 billion last month.

November, which was a record high from 83.2 billion dollars in October. while imports rose 4.7% and

Exports fell 2.1% in November.

  • New York gold futures ended lower last night (Dec 29), pressured by rising US Treasury yields.

1.5% level and as investors sell gold as a safe haven asset After the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the New York Stock Exchange rose in a row.

several business days

The rise in US government bond yields It increases the opportunity cost of holding gold because gold is a non-interest-rewarding asset.

  • Chief Medical Officer of the COVID-19 Control Working Group of the White House predicted that the outbreak of the virus

COVID-19 Omicron strain in the US The epidemic is likely to peak at the end of January. Considering the size of the country and its proportions


  • The Turkish Lira continues to plummet. Most recently, it sank 6 percent amid concerns about a surge in money.

inflation and the Turkish central bank continue to cut the policy rate policy

  • Tonight, the United States will report key economic data: the number of unemployment claims for the week.



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