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On September 22, 2022 Professor.Dr. Ruengruedi Patanavanich, Department of Community Medicine Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital As the research leader of the project to study perceptions and factors related to e-cigarettes among Thai children and young people, he revealed that this research is the first study in Thailand. They found that Thai children who started smoking e-cigarettes were more likely to smoke regular cigarettes. This research was published on September 14, 2022 in Tobacco Control, the world’s leading tobacco control journal. This study is based on the data obtained from the smoking behavior survey. When consuming alcohol and other substances, 6,045 Grade 1 students from different regions across the country and followed for 12 months found that children who had never smoked cigarettes before, if they started smoking e-cigarettes, They were five times more likely to try regular cigarettes and seven times more likely to smoke e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes, long-term data collection. The research conclusions therefore support that “E-cigarettes are a real gateway to regular smoking.”

Professor Dr. Stanton Glance, former director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research at the University of California, San Francisco Co-authors of the study said that the study found that the risk of e-cigarettes increases the likelihood of regular smoking among children higher than previous studies. But according to new research from Western countries such as the UK and the Netherlands, it reflects the fact that newer e-cigarettes, such as the pod vape group, are more common among young people. who use nicotine salts instead of traditional nicotine or some use synthetic nicotine Increasing addiction

“This research is important evidence for Thai policy makers to maintain the ban on the import and sale of e-cigarettes. Despite pressure from cigarette and e-cigarette companies This research refutes the claims of e-cigarette advocates in Thailand. especially the claim that young people’s use of e-cigarettes does not increase their regular smoking,” said Dr Glance.

Longitudinal bidirectional association between youth electronic cigarette use and initiation of tobacco cigarette smoking in Thailand.

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