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Thai covid is infected – death come back more and more in many provinces, heavily in the south

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Bangkok – Prof. reveals the total number of Covid-19 patients in the country, 2,281 people are seriously ill, 526 need ventilators.

On October 28, 2021, the Center for the Epidemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (OCC) epidemic situation of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (CDC) today. 9,658 more infected people found divided into
♦️ Infected patients from surveillance systems, service systems and going to the hospital for examination 8,879 people
♦️ Based on an active search in a community of 550 people.
♦️ 218 prison/detention cases
♦️ International travelers 11 people enter detention facilities provided by the state

As a result, the number of infected patientsAccumulated since 2020 at 1,884,973 people 8,526 additional people returned home, collecting 1,766,823 people, increasing to 99,144 people, divided into 44,691 at the main hospital, at the Sanam hospital and 54,453 others, of which 2,281 were in severe condition, requiring ventilator, 526 were84 additional deaths, totaling 18,912 people

The deceased were 48 males, 36 females, 2 Myanmar nationals, 1 unspecified.
Average age 67.5 years, minimum 27 years, maximum 99 years
Age 60 years and over 57 subjects (68%) Under 60 years with chronic disease 16 subjects (19%) without chronic disease 11 subjects (13%)
The most fatalities were in Bangkok with 8 people, while the southern areas had as many as 28 deaths.

The number of new infections in the top 10
No. 1 Bangkok, adding 845 people, collecting 397,222 people
2nd place in Songkhla Province, adding 677 people, collecting 45,458 people
3rd place, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Up from 6th place, adding 612 people, collecting 28,115 people
4th place, Yala Province, 496 people, collecting 39,691 people
5th place, Chonburi Province, add 375 people, collect 100,156 people
6th place, Pattani Province, adding 369 people, collecting 35,130 people
7th place, Samut Prakan Province, adding 356 people, collecting 121,691 people
8th place, Chiang Mai Province, add 356 people, collect 15,143 people
9th place, Narathiwat Province, add 327 people, collecting 35,444 people
10th place, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, adding 280 people, collecting 14,753 people

for vaccination
As of October 27, 2021, there were 762,954 doses of vaccination.
The 1st needle of 357,608 people
The second needle, 353,836 people
The 3rd needle, 51,510 people

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Between February 28 – October 27, 2021
There are 72,812,483 doses of vaccine recipients in 77 provinces.
who received the first dose of vaccination, a total of 41,075,152 people
who received the second dose of vaccination, accumulated 29,469,487 people
Was the recipient of the 3rd dose of vaccination, accumulated 2,267,844 people.

global situation
♦️ The total number of infected people in the past 24 hours has increased by more than 4 hundred and 70 thousand people to 245,771,206 million people.
♦️ Severe symptoms: 75,309 people
♦️ Nearly 4 hundred thousand people have been cured, at 222,763,063 people.
♦️ more than 8,500 deaths to 4,987,803 people

Top 5 countries with the highest number of infected people
1. United States in the last 24 hours More than 76,000 new cases have been confirmed to 46,587,441.
2. India, adding more than 16,000 people to 34,231,207 people
3. Brazil, adding more than 17,000 people to 21,766,168 people
4. The United Kingdom added almost 44,000 people to 8,897,149 people.
5. Russia add more than 36,000 people to 8,352,601 people.

Thailand is ranked 24th (same as before) with 1,884,973 people.

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