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Mr. Pongsak Phruekpaisan, Managing Director of Kasikorn Securities Public Company Limited as financial advisor and underwriters and newly issued common share sale warrants of Thai Eastern Group Holdings Public Company Limited (TEGH) disclosed that the Company’s IPO subscription for 270 million shares at par value of 1.00 baht per share at the price of each share 4.80 baht during 21-23 September 65 received a lot of attention from investors. for general investors and institutional investors that can be sold as allocated Investors are confident in the company’s fundamentals. As a major natural rubber and crude palm oil manufacturer and distributor in the eastern region and major integrated bioenergy Category renewable energy producers in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) area, likely to grow with capacity expansion plans for all businesses.

Mr. Dittadanai Sangkharom, Assistant Managing Director of Trinity Securities Company Limited as financial advisor and underwriter and underwriter of the sale of the Company’s newly issued ordinary shares This is because the share price is in line with strong fundamentals. The price-to-earnings ratio per share (P/E ratio) is 7.7 times and the company is preparing to be traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in the agricultural and food industries. Agricultural business category on 30 September 65

Mr revealed Chalerm Koknutaporn, CEO of TEGH, that the Group’s vision for business is to be a global business partner that builds a sustainable value chain. by striving to develop the organization towards sustainable growth that can meet the needs of all groups of customers After this fundraising, the Group has a plan to expand its production capacity. To become a leader in the production of block rubber, Premium Quality in the country, with the aim of becoming a top 5 producer of block rubber (Top 5) in the country by expanding the production capacity of block rubber to 416,494 tonnes per annum within the year 67 Support the trend of demand for block rubber which will increase from the growth of the automotive industry in the future.

“Currently, there are many tire manufacturers from China that have invested in expanding production centers in the EEC area. can expand the customer base of the Company’s group block rubber products to such customer groups in addition to the original value, which is still worth a lot. The company believes that with a quality product There are high standards and reputation recognized by leading tire manufacturers domestically and internationally. It will make the products of the company group It is recognized among tire manufacturers in China, one of the largest tire producing countries in the world. “ said Mr Chalerm

Ms. Sineenuch Kokanutaporn, Managing Director of TEGH, said that in addition to the production capacity plan of the natural rubber business, the company also plans to expand the production capacity of the crude palm oil business from August 1, 65, the Group Company The ability maximum production for crude palm oil products is a total of 473,040 tons of palm bunches per year. It has a total installed capacity of 735,840 tonnes of palm bunches per year, an increase of 262,800 tonnes of palm bunches per year. or an increase of 55.56% The project is expected to start construction in 1Q23 and commercial production is expected to start in 4Q23.

In addition, the Group also has a project to expand the Zone 3 biogas production capacity, which, if completed, will result in the maximum capacity for biogas increasing from 43.80 million cubic meters per year to 67.00 million cubic meters per year. or an increase of 190.43% of the said investment expansion plan It will help support the continued and sustainable growth of the company.

By InfoQuest News Agency (23 Sep 65)

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