Thai girl floorball fights against the United States before losing 6-8, waiting to enter the rankings

Thai girl floorball fights against the United States before losing 6-8, waiting to enter the rankings

Movement of the 2021 World Women’s Floorball Championship on November 30 in Uppsala, Sweden, after the first match, Thai women defeated Italy 5-2 and the second match lost 1-9 to Denmark. Thai national team, the world’s number 15 team, enter the final match of the group stage to meet the United States national team, the 16th ranked team in the world, among the Thai supporters who are in Sweden, over a hundred people today by the Thai Ambassador to Sweden, Mrs. Kanchana Pattarachoke and Government officials from the embassy came to cheer and cheer on the young floorball athletes. For statistics, Thai women and the United States met 3 times. Thai girls won 2, lost 1.

In the first period, Kenneth Goh Bunhok, the head coach of the Thai team, arranged the players to enter the first line, consisting of Lalita Guirapnao, Onuma Duangsuda, Rungnapha Keemsamrong, Pichawee, many and Pannee. In the first game, the US team immediately opened the Thai bomb game and was the goalkeeper to lead quickly from the first minute until the end of the first 20 minutes. Victoria Olivas 1st minute, Kimberry Campbell 2nd minute, Michelle Linhardt 8th minute, Kajsa Corn 16th minute and Michelle Linhardt 19th minute.

Entering the second period, Kenneth Goh Bunhoek, the Thai team coach, solved the game excellently, giving the speed of the players chasing the United States team until they lost their formation in the 23rd minute. The Thai cheerleaders were happy. When Alisa Suryanen fired, hit the egg for Thailand, chasing the United States 1-5, then in the 31st minute Alisa Suryanen scored her own second goal, just one more minute, Sirinan Boonbutr shot. Compressed the front goal, causing Thailand to chase 3-5 before closing this period from Nina Supha’s shot in the 38th minute. Thailand followed closely with the United States 4-5.

The last time, the game is still Thai continuously, only one minute. Pannee Munsan fired for Thailand to draw 5-5. Subsequently, at 45 minutes, Pannee Munsan fired for Thailand to turn back to lead the United States 6-5, just two more. The United States was chasing a draw 6-6 from Kajsa Korn’s shot, followed by the 49th minute Thailand conceded a goal from Selma Johansson’s intercepted shot in front of the United States to lead 7-6 before closing in the minute. 51 Michel Linhardt, the captain of the United States team, came to the final shot, causing the United States to turn the game back to defeat Thailand 8-6, finishing second in Group C, while Thailand finished third in the group, waiting to meet 4th in Group D between Russia or Singapore. On December 1 at 3:00 p.m. local time, 9:00 p.m.

After the game, Captain Special Chonawut Benjanuwat, the team manager, said that he had to admit that it was very sad that we lost to the United States in a very fun 6-8 If the first period, we were not taken away from Thailand, should be kept victory

On the other hand, Kenneth Goh Bunhoek, head coach of the Thai national team, revealed that he still couldn’t cope with today’s game because we had a chance to win at the end of the game. But what we saw today is that even though Thailand was led 0-5 in the first period, the Thai children still managed to win the hearts of the fans on the field and gain them a lot. Makes me believe that if this set of kids still keep practicing continuously, they should be able to compete with world-class teams.


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