Thai girls water polo Defeat Venezuela 17-9 to kick off the FINA Challengers Cup in Colombia.

Movement of the women’s water polo team The Thai national team battles the FINA Water Polo Challengers Cup 2021 between 2-7 November 64 in Barranquilla. Colombia Most recently, competing in the first game, defeating Venezuela 17-9, it is a good start to the international game. The first time I had been away for almost 2 years.

“Coach Mook” Sininart Sonthiphakdi, head coach of the Thai women’s water polo team, said he was delighted with the team’s first victory. Accept that all players have performed well as planned. by playing well during the 2nd quarter which Venezuelan players The first time was better. By using the size of the body to attack our athletes. But after we adjusted to focus on defensive games, making the game better until we were able to win in the end. However, we have to admire Chayanan Kham Yoo, our player who played well. until winning the best player award Scored 7 goals The second game To meet with Colombia, the host is a close game. But I think that our children have a chance to win. which must focus on the defensive game as well as the first game

For the competitive game “FINA Water Polo Challengers Cup 2021”, the second match of the Thai girls’ water polo team. will meet with the host Colombia on Wednesday night, 3 November at 03:30



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