Thai League maintains 2+2 quota kicking AFC Champions League 2023

Thai League maintains 2+2 quota kicking AFC Champions League 2023

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) website has announced the AFC Club Competition Ranking for the 2021 season. Thailand received a total score of 51.92, ranked 9th in Asia.

and is ranked 4th in East Asia after the professional soccer leagues of the People’s Republic of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea.

Thailand’s aggregate scores for professional football clubs for three seasons from 2018, 2019 and 2021 (2020 will not be scored because the AFC Cup matches were canceled due to the COVID-19 situation. in that season)

which the score of the domestic league (In East Asia) Thailand’s total is 29.750 points, second only to the Chinese Super League with 34.350 points, Japan’s J-League at 53.525 points and South Korea’s K-League at 54.700 points, respectively.

which, when combined with the club’s performance in the AFC Champions League last season Made Thailand get a total of 51.92 points, ranked 9th in Asia.

The results of the AFC Club Competition Ranking for the 2021 season in the top 10 (with all scores) are as follows:

1. Saudi Arabia 100 points

2. Republic of Korea 95.462 points

3. Japan 93.412 points

4. Islamic Republic of Iran 77.792 votes

5. Qatar 75.131 points

6. Uzbekistan 64.712 points

7. People’s Republic of China 59.948 votes

8. United Arab Emirates 52.588 votes

9. Thai 51.920 points

10. Jordan 46.131 points

View all ranking results here. causing Thailand to have a quota to compete in the AFC battle Champions League or Asian Club Football Championship With the number of 2 + 2 (2 teams automatically qualify for the group stage with 2 teams playing in the play-off / qualifying round) one more season

The scoring principle of AFC CLUB COMPETITIONS RANKING is to combine the points scored by each nation’s club in the two Asian Cups, the “AFC Champions League” and the “AFC Cup” each year. average division It is the raw score for the club each year. which will use the scores from the past 4 years to be brought together to become the raw scores of all clubs (Club Points) before bringing the raw scores of the clubs To hit a percentage with a nation that has a score in this section, No. 1 of the continent, comes out as a total score (Total Point) and is taken in order. to allocate quotas to each nation Quota announcements will change every 2 years, starting with odd-numbered years (2021, 2023), and new quotas will be announced at the end of the Asian Cup. Of the year that ends with odd numbers (2021, 2023) Thai League would like to thank all professional football clubs for their contribution and full performance in the AFC’s continental football tournament. The Thai League will continue to maintain standards at the Asian level. go


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