Home Sports ‘Thai Mountain Tiger Army’ is also doing great work in Turkey. Female cyclists collect all world points.

‘Thai Mountain Tiger Army’ is also doing great work in Turkey. Female cyclists collect all world points.

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‘Thai Mountain Tiger Army’ is also doing great work in Turkey. Female cyclists collect all world points.

The Thai mountaineering team has also done a satisfactory job. in which all female cyclists can collect all world points In the international two-wheeled battle of the mountain biking “Zagaya MTB Cup” in Turkey, on the side of “SET Ink”, it is necessary to accelerate the development of Thai national athlete standards urgently. to fight a major competitor from Kazakhstan at the Asian Championship level and Asian Games Thai cyclists still have one more class 1 race left on October 31st.

“Sek. Ink” General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Association of Thailand Under the Royal Patronage revealed that according to the Cycling Sports Association sent mountain bike athletes and BMX Thai national team Travel to participate in 4 international cross-country mountain bike races and 4 BMX World Cup Supercross races in a row between 23-31 October in Sakarya, Thailand. Turkey, the latest on October 27, the Thai national mountain bike riders. Competed as the third track in the “Sagary MTB Cup” at the Sakarya Bike Park, which is the host registered in the Class 2 of the International Cycling Federation (UCI) and Organize a competition in a night race format. The competition starts at 19:00 local time. or matches at 11:00 p.m. time in Thailand

General Decha said that the Thai national team still sends a full team of male and female cyclists, comprising Sergeant Keerati Sukprasart, Pol.D.D.D.D. Adisak Tailangka and Corporal Poonsiri Sirimongkol, in the men’s competition. 7 laps of the field Miss Warintorn Petchpraphan, Female Corporal Supaksorn Nantana, Ms. Natalie Panyawan and Ms. Jarinya Suebjakthin competed in 6 rounds of the field. In the midst of cold weather, temperature 8-9 degrees Celsius, the result shows that all Thai riders can still finish the race. In the male public version, Kirati finished 14th from the number of more than 40 athletes at 1.18.22 hours, Adisak finished 16th at 1.19.29 hours and Poonsiri finished 17th at 1.20.14 hours by Vital Al. Fly, a professional cyclist from Switzerland. Win the championship with a time of 1.12.01 hours.

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While the public female model, Warintorn is still the best performing cyclist. This field reached the finish line in 5th place from 33 international female cyclists who competed with a time of 1.20.03 hours, Natalie 6th place time 1.21.43 hours, Supaksorn 8th place time 1.23.31 hours and Charinya. 10th place at 1.25.59 hours, with all four earning points in the UCI world rankings 10, 8, 4 and 1, respectively, with Czech cyclist Teresa Varuzkova winning the championship. to dominate with a time of 1.13.11 hours

Prime Minister of two wheels of Thailand went on to say that In this race, Warintorn didn’t start very well. In the beginning, it was ranked 8th before the machine would catch up with the leading international female cyclists, they qualified for the 3rd round, making it only 5th place, but still satisfactorily because the 4 Thai female cyclists collect points can add more While the men’s team continued to have consistent results throughout the three races, a by-product of sending the Thai cycling team Both the cougar and the BMX coming to the international tournament in Turkey mean we have seen the performance of their Asian competitors. Especially Kazakhstan sent the first team of both men and women to compete. Originally, Asian competitors were China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam in mountain bikes. But the leaps and bounds of Kazakh cyclists are likely to have an impact on the Asian mountain bike race. Both the Asian Championships and the Asian Games in the future Which makes Thailand need to accelerate the development of Thai national team athletes, both male and female to a higher standard than the present as soon as possible.

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General Decha added that for the first 3 fields of work, Thai female athletes can score more points in every field. Making Thailand’s world rankings move from 40th to 37th with 394 points, while the men’s world rankings are still 41st, the same as from the latest rankings on October 27th. Another Zakarya tournament is the “Sakarya Buyuksehir MTB Cup” on October 31st. It is a class 1 competition, the highest class of four races in the city of Sakarya. There will be a cumulative score for the first cyclist who finishes 1-12 and has a higher score than the previous 3 races.

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