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Thai national e-sports team aims to win at least 3 gold medals at the 2022 SEA Games

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announced For the 31st SEA Games “Hanoi 2022”, which will be held from May 12-23, 2022 in Hanoi, Vietnam, this time, the host will compete in 40 sports, including 526 gold medals.

For e-sports, it is considered one of the sports that the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) and the E-Sports Association of Thailand. Hoping to be able to win the bronze medal back and strengthen the Thai athletes to become the gold medalist in this battle.

“Wittaya Saeng-anan” Head coach of the national e-sports team or coach An at the age of 44 gave a special interview with Thai PBS Online about the goal in the 2022 SEA Games e-sports arena that the previous SEA Games This is in line with the guild’s goal of winning 2 Gold from tekken 7 and ROV, and 2 Silver from Hearthstone and DOTA 2.

The previous round, Thailand chased Vietnam closely. The last day can add 2 more gold coins. If that day, if e-sports has 3 gold medals, Thailand may be the gold medalist. This time, I hope that the e-sports team will help the Thai national team win more medals.

As for the medal match goal in the 2022 SEA Games, the association aims to be higher than the hardline Asian Games. and be sure to scoop more medals At least aim for 3 gold coins or more. with the expectation of ROV that Thailand has won the previous championship and FIFA Online 4.

However, the medal contest depends on the number of coins. and the type of sport that the host determines For example, this year there may be a game of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) because it is the hope of the host in Vietnam.

Asian Games targets China-South Korea bone fractures

Coach An also hinted at the goals for the e-sports team in the Asian Games announced to start competing for medals. Previously, e-sports was classified as a demonstration sport only.

In this field, Thailand still has to work hard because they have to fight with big bones like China and South Korea, who have world championship degrees and are two nations that are often on every medal list. As for Thailand, there are still hopes for ROV and FIFA Online 4, which this program contends with in 3 nations, namely China, Korea and Thailand, but hopes to win medals from every program.

Hope is still ROV that Thailand is the world champion. But other countries don’t have pork because China, Korea, Vietnam are big bones.

All-Star National Team Strategy Support Thailand to be in the top 10 in Asia

in the e-sports field I have to admit that Korea is a country with a strong gaming industry. Because he is the creator and developer of the game. There are also many players. China has a large population. It is the world ranking of many sports, not even e-sports, so these two nations are goals that Thailand must reach.

If asked where Thailand is, dare to say that Thai e-sports players are definitely in the top 10 in Asia.

To be in the top 10 or win a medal The main strength of the Thai athletes is the selection of the national team. e-sports competition Many people set the goal that the champion must go. Who immediately won the national team championship?

Ask if the champion deserves to go or not. But ask if the champion is the best in Thailand or not maybe not

with other factors, both soft and hard lines Or at the form of each game as well, so if it is a team sport, ROV 5 people will select athletes from 4 teams, a total of 20 people will cut again. not lifted to the whole team Like all-stars The best players of each team is a system that applies to most sports.​ but still new to e-sports

“Sometimes there is a bit of resistance for fear that there will be no teamwork. But I have to admit that teamwork can happen in a short amount of time. But finding someone to train well in two months is quite difficult.”


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