Thai national karate athletes 19 people infected with covids after the Asian Championships

It was revealed that Thai national karate athletes tested positive for COVID-19, including 19 members of the team after traveling to the Asian Championships. in Kazakhstan

Today (28 December 2021) Miss Yanisa Torrattanawattana or Coach Pui Karate trainer for the Thai national team, the 2021 Asian Championships in Kazakhstan. has revealed that Thai national karate players, coaching staff, including Gen. Surachat Jitjang, president of the Karate Association of Thailand. and the new secretary landed on the way to visit athletes and observe infected with the covid-19 virus After all, they returned from Kazakhstan.

At the moment, everyone is in quarantine in Thailand. and is in the process of examining which species is believed who now have the above symptoms, namely fever, tongue does not accept taste including the nose can’t smell But no one was worried.

Coach Pui expects that the reason why Thai athletes are addicted to the whole team This was caused by the management of host Kazakhstan, who throughout the 10-day tournament had only one ATK (Antigen Test Kit) test. In addition, the venue used for the competition was quite crowded, the air was not ventilated. and no keeping distance

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