Thai National Under-23 Football Team Prepares for Crucial Match against Malaysia in Asian Football Championship Qualifiers

Thailand’s U-23 Team Prepares for Asian Football Championship Qualifying Round

Date and Venue:

Sunday, September 10, 2023 at 4:30 pm

National Sports University Field, Chonburi Campus, Thailand

Thailand’s national under-23 men’s football team is diligently training ahead of their forthcoming qualifier in the Asian Football Championship. The team is scheduled to face Malaysia in their third match.

After securing victories against the Philippines and Bangladesh, the Thai national team is now gearing up to take on Malaysia. To optimize their preparation, the players have been divided into two groups. Some players are undergoing rehabilitation sessions in the swimming pool, while the rest engage in practice sessions to ensure peak fitness for the upcoming game.

Prior to the training session, Phongsakorn Trisart, right-back for Thailand’s U-23 national team, expressed his satisfaction with their consecutive wins, yet shared his sadness about witnessing his teammate’s injury in the previous game.

“Obviously, our team will exert its utmost effort in the upcoming match against Malaysia, aiming to secure the top position in our group. This will enable us to advance to the quarter-finals. I firmly believe that each player is ready to give their best for the sake of our injured teammates,” said Phongsakorn Trisart.

He emphasized the significance of the game against Malaysia, acknowledging their previous victory during the SEA Games but cautioning against relying solely on past records.

“Football doesn’t rely on outdated statistics; instead, we must focus, play with precision and confidence, and deliver competitive results in order to showcase our best form,” Trisart added.

In conclusion, Trisart appealed to football fans, acknowledging their invaluable support in achieving the team’s goals.

“I kindly request all football enthusiasts to join us on the pitch and provide us with unwavering support. Football fans play a pivotal role in our success, and we are determined to give our all to win this game,” Trisart concluded.

Match Details

The Thai national under-23 team will compete against Malaysia in the qualifying round of the Asian Football Championship. The match will take place at Chonburi Stadium on September 12, 2023, at 8:30 pm. The game will be broadcast live on Thairath TV (Channel 32) and AIS.

Ticket Information

Football fans can purchase tickets at the Ticket Office, the designated sales point in front of Chonburi Stadium. Ticket prices are set at 120 baht (side behind the gate) and 200 baht (roof side).

This competition aims to select the top team from each of the 11 groups, along with the runners-up with the most impressive performance across four of the 11 groups. The selected teams will progress to the final round of the Asian Championship for players under 23 years of age. The final round will be held in Qatar from April 15 to May 3, 2024.

Sunday, September 10, 2023 at 4:30 pm at the National Sports University field. Chonburi Campus Thailand’s national under-23 men’s football team continues to train. Before competing in the qualifying round of the Asian Football Championship, under 23, a third match to meet Malaysia.

For the Thai national team, they defeated the Philippines and Bangladesh and had to face Malaysia. This practice divided the players into two sets. with some players rehabilitating in the swimming pool And the other part came to practice to get fit for the game.

Before training, Phongsakorn Trisart, right-back for Thailand’s under-23 national team, said, “It is considered good that we have won two games in a row. But I was sad to see my teammate injured in the last game.”

“Of course, my teammates will do our best in the next match against Malaysia so that we can be group champions. and pass through to play in the quarter-finals And I believe that everyone is ready to do their best for their injured team-mates.”

“Facing Malaysia is an important game. Even though we beat them in the SEA Games But football, we can’t stick to old statistics. We must focus. Play carefully and without hesitation. To provide competition results and the form of play that brought out the best”

“Finally, I would like to ask all the football fans to come and support us on the pitch a lot, because I believe that football fans are the most important people who will make us achieve our goals . And we will try our best to win this game.”

The Thailand national under-23 team will compete in the qualifying round of the Asian Football Championship for the under-23 age group, the third match against Malaysia at the Chonburi Stadium on September 12, 2023 at 8:30 pm, broadcast live on Thairath TV, Channel 32 and AIS. Play

For football fans, tickets can be purchased at the TICKET OFFICE, ticket sales point. In front of Chonburi Stadium, the price is 120 baht (side behind the gate) and 200 baht (roof side).

This competition will bring the 11 group champions and the runners-up with the best results in 4 out of 11 groups to advance to the final round of the Asian Championship. Under 23 years of age to be held in Qatar between 15 April and 3 May 2024.

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