Thai Olympic Gold Medal Hero Somchit Jongjohor Opens Up About Family Struggles

Thai Olympic Gold Medal Hero Somchit Jongjohor’s Inspiring Journey Revealed on YouTube Show

There is no denying the growing interest surrounding the incredible story of Thai Olympic gold medalist, Somchit Jongjohor. Through an emotional interview on the popular YouTube program, “Boy Phitsanu,” Somchit shared the heartache he has endured, from coping with the devastating monsoon season to his wife’s allergies and his son’s struggles with ADHD. News of his personal hardships has left many concerned and emotionally invested in his journey.

Unveiling the Human Side

During his appearance on the “Daily Pop Special” program of “Daily News Online,” Somchit opened up further about his experiences. He humbly shared, “I chose to appear on a regular boy’s YouTube show because it felt like confiding in friends, expressing our emotions.” What started as a heartfelt conversation soon garnered attention as Somchit revealed his wife’s battle with allergies, which began two years ago. While she initially relied on medication, her condition has improved significantly, providing some relief.

Speaking about his son’s struggle with ADHD, Somchit bravely admitted, “We discovered our son had ADHD when he was only three. At that time, there were no treatments or medications available. We took care of him ourselves and worried about his future in our absence. It was a constant concern. However, he finds solace in playing alone and immersing himself in his personal interests. Although academic progress may be slower, his gentle nature and welcoming personality shine through.”

Gaining Confidence Through Disclosure

Somchit initially hesitated to share his family’s challenges, feeling embarrassed by their circumstances. However, after appearing on the show, he found solace in the support and understanding he received. “We were relieved to hear people’s positive response after the interview,” Somchit admitted. “We were worried about facing ridicule, but instead, we found empathy and encouragement. Moreover, there is good news that I will be ordained next year, something that brings me great happiness. Our aspirations for our son do not revolve around academic achievements, as mentioned in the program. The part of my job that concerns many does not affect me negatively. As a government official, I am financially stable, and my passion for entertainment enriches my life. I have also saved for my retirement. However, I work diligently because I am fueled by passion. Any prospective employer should consider my skills and abilities, not out of pity or any other negative sentiment.”

Facing Feedback and Gratitude

Of course, with heightened media attention comes feedback from both supporters and critics. Somchit shared, “I try not to dwell on the comments, but people have informed me about the overwhelming support I have received. Witnessing the cheers and encouragement from others has made me incredibly grateful. I want to inspire and motivate people to face life’s challenges head-on.”

Somchit Jongjohor’s journey has touched the hearts of many, reminding us all that strength and resilience can emerge from life’s adversities. His determination and positive outlook serve as an inspiration for those facing their own obstacles.

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It can be said that it is becoming a matter that many people are interested in following a lot about the story of the Thai Olympic gold medal hero “Somchit Jongjohor” which has been revealed through the YouTube program of “Boy Phitsanu” to the bond that it is sad him by the heavy monsoon. After his wife suffers from allergies and his son suffers from ADHD I cried on the list making people very worried As already presented in the news

The latest progress in the “Daily Pop Special” program of “Daily News Online” was an honor to talk to Somchit. about such stories Somchit says “I went on a normal boy’s YouTube show. who was crying in the children’s program because it was like telling our friends about our feelings And then he came out alone Actually, about the wife’s illness. He got an allergy 2 years ago, took a bunch of meds, and is better now. he saw more pity for him Because of taking a lot of medicine but the symptoms improved

And about the son the fist To tell the truth, we knew he had ADHD when he was 3 years old. At that time, there was no treatment, no medicine, we looked after each other and worried about what it would be like if we weren’t there. more worried about this But what about things, he likes to play alone. Do something on your own, repeat, nothing else. But studying may not be good. As a very fast sister, he is good, but his fists are slow. But he was very kind and welcoming.”

“At first I didn’t want to talk because I was embarrassed. having a child like this But we were relieved after talking to him after the show. because he was afraid that he would be provoked But explain to him that it is like this and it is okay and there is good news that he will ordain next year too, I am very happy if he likes it, we do not expect a degree with it as stated in the programme. The part of the job that many people worry about when working with money Is it because I don’t have money Is it a bad thing? It’s because I’m a government official, I have money and working for entertainment too It’s ok and I have money that I have saved for when I’m old. But that works a lot because we have the energy to do it. As for anyone who wants to hire me, I would like to hire me who sees my abilities more. I don’t want to be hired out of shame or something.”

Somchit continued, “In terms of feedback. Of course there are people who like it and people who don’t. There are two sides to a coin. I didn’t look at the feedback after speaking directly, more people told me. Seeing people cheering me on, I’m very grateful. And I would like to encourage people to fight against life too “..

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