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Thai PBS brings a large set of equipment, live broadcast, ride the Tour of Thailand

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Thai PBS confirms readiness Carry a large set of tools and equipment. Including a team of photographers and technicians to broadcast the international long-distance two-wheeler battle “Tour of Thailand 2021” broadcast around the world. Between 1-10 Dec. 64 “Coach Tam” Wisut Kasiyapat, head coach of the Thailand Continental team, aims to lead cyclists to win team and individual championships.

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“Sek. Ink” General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Association of Thailand Under the Royal Patronage revealed that the progress in organizing the international long-distance bicycle race “Tour of Thailand 2021” to compete for the Royal Cup of His Majesty the King. Department of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn which will compete between 1-10 December 2021

by male team Competition between December 1-6, routes in Songkhla-Satun-Nakhon Si Thammarat-Trang-Phatthalung distance 979.50 kilometers. Competition between December 8-10, routes within Songkhla, a distance of 241.10 kilometers, a total distance of 1,220.60 kilometers, which the Thai PBS television station It will be broadcast live on ThaiPBS Facebook Live and ThaiPBS YouTube from December 1-10 (except December 7) starting at 9:00 AM until the end of the competition every day.

General Decha said that for the competition last year Thai PBS was broadcasted live all over the world. This is to promote Thailand to foreigners to know that our country has beautiful tourist attractions. have abundant food and to promote tourism in various provinces such as Songkhla Lake, Samila Beach, Chalatat Beach of Songkhla Province, Thale Noi, San Suk Lampam Beach of Phatthalung Province, Chang Lang Beach, Hat Chao Mai National Park of Trang Province, Thung Wa Ancient Elephant Museum Thung Sabo Beach of Satun Province, etc.

It is a good response to the government’s open country policy. Make foreigners want to travel to Thailand. At the same time, many athletes who come to compete have the opportunity to visit various tourist attractions and take pictures of themselves on online media such as Facebook, Instagram so that their relatives and friends can see the beauty of Thailand.

Mr. Yothin Sittibodeekul, Director of Television and Radio Bureau Public Broadcasting and Broadcasting Organization of Thailand (Thai PBS) revealed that they would like to thank the Cycling Association of Thailand. who believe in the live broadcasting team of Thai PBS It has been collaborating for many years. There are many types of bicycle racing. Each type uses a tool. working equipment and different teams But to broadcast the international long-distance bike “Tour of Thailand 2021”, which is a race of 100-200 kilometers each stage, is a challenging task and a test for the team as well. in order to overcome obstacles in work But we can overcome obstacles. with a working technique called Remote Production

“As for the availability of live broadcasting of Thai PBS matches Thai PBS has prepared a team of nearly 30 photographers and technicians in the field with tools and equipment. To serve in the transmission of images from all race routes to the studio of the Thai PBS station in Bangkok. use a motorcycle with a camera Track 5 bikes along the way, and 2 drones to take high-angle shots take over each other along the way. Plan on capturing the key points of the match. to make it look like watching beside the race path And will be able to watch the race continuously from the start point to the finish line,” said Mr. Yothin.

Mr. Yothin added that This event must be commended for the live broadcast team in the field. working diligently Have to explore the route and check the 4G / 5G signal thoroughly, always find a solution. Considered a quality team which in the past has continued to create works and will not disappoint the audience for sure by the competition last year With a total of more than 4,280,000 views on Facebook Live and more than 472,000 views on YouTube, this year’s viewership is believed to be higher than last year.

As for “Coach Tam” Wisut Kasiyapat, the head coach of the Thailand Continental Cycling team, which is a professional Thai men’s cyclist team. who will compete in the time revealed that this time the athletes are practicing the real race route in Songkhla Province which the weather in the south has drizzle all day

As for the goals of the Thailand Continental Cycling team in this tournament. I hope to win the team championship to dominate. As for the individual champions, they will try their best to fight. But admit that it’s hard work. Because each team is a world-class cyclist. There is an extraordinary degree, led by the reigning champion Bike Aid team from Germany, LX Cykling from South Korea, as well as the Kuwait Procycling team from Kuwait, the Terengganu Cycling team and Sapur from Malaysia, which Even as a team in Asia but has bought professional riders from Europe as a whole team So it’s not an easy job.

Pol Col. Nattapon Jeebthawornthawit, the head coach of the Thai national team, said that the Thai national team riders are a team under 23 years old, which is a team at the Cycling Association. Created to enhance senior riders with the goal of maintaining the ASEAN Championship again including winning the prize when combining the speed and the total score reward of the mountain For the physical condition of all athletes in good health. And are practicing the real race route to be as familiar as possible.

For the teams participating in the competition, the men’s team consists of 15 teams, consisting of LX Cycling from South Korea and Bike Aid from Germany, who are the former champions. Last year, including Kuwait Procycling (Kuwait), Euro Cycling Trip (Guam), Terengganu Cycling (Malaysia), SCN (Malaysia), Sapur (Malaysia). , 7-11 Click (Philippines), Go For Gold (Philippines), Wildlife Generation (USA), Roojai.com (Indonesia), Oman National Team, Mongolia National Team including the Thailand Continental team, the professional team of Thailand and the Thai national team, as for the women’s team There are 10 teams participating, including Thailand Women’s Cycling Team, which is a professional team of Thailand, Thai national team, Sky Rider, Fisherman Friends, Prime 19 team. , Kitchen Queens, Team Venn Cycling, Team TCP, Team EN KKU and Team Southern All Stars, which is a team of famous cycling stars in the south.

As for the athletes in the professional men’s team, the Thailand Continental Team consists of 6 people, consisting of Pol.Lt.Col. Business Boonrattanathanakorn, Pol.Lt.Col.Yuttana Mano, Lt.S. Sarawut Sirinachai, Police Lieutenant Chaiyasombat Bank, Lt. Col. Nawut Leepongyu, Lt. Col. Thanawut Saniwatee, with “Coach Tam” Wisut Kasiyapat as the head coach. As for the Thai national team, there are 6 people, consisting of Lt. Col. Nattaphon Chamchat, Pol. Lt. Gen. Thanachart Yatan, Lt. Gen. Pathomphob Phon Arttan, Mr. Muhammad Hanafi Kue. Aji, Mr. Ratchanon Yaowarat, Warut Pakkratoke, with Pol.Lt. Col. Nattapon Jeebthawornthawit as the head coach.

As for the women’s professional team, Thailand Women’s Cycling Team, there are 5 athletes, consisting of “Beez”, Lt. Col. Jutatip Maniphan, Pol.Maj.Gen. Chanpheng Nontasin, S.T.A. Ying. Supaksorn Nantana, Pol.Mat. Ying Phetdarin Somrat, Pol.Maj.Chaniphon Battiya, with Mr. Li Xiao Le, Chinese coach as the head coach. while the female athletes of the Thai national team consist of 5 people, consisting of Miss Kamolrada Khaophrom, Pol.Maj.S.T. Kanyarat Nokaew, Pol.Maj.S.T.Y. Satinee Chanthima, Ms. Sarocha Kamolakorn, Ms. Kurcha Chairin, with Pol.Lt. Col. Adisak Wannasri as the head coach.

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