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“Mancini” watch Austria play Italy asthma catch

Italy boss Roberto Mancini thinks Austria could be a tougher test than facing Belgium or Portugal in the quarter-finals. After the Azzurri generals passed the round of 16, the team came up with an asthma attack.

‘Port FC’ successfully defeated Guangzhou 3-0

Port Authority F.C. Collected the first 3 points in the 2021 AFC Champions League this time. After winning over Guangzhou FC, the famous team from China 3-0 in the field for the 2nd match for Group J by “Coach Oud” Sarawut Tripan, Head Coach of Port FC. . Satisfied with the team, but the offensive game still has errors that need to be corrected Next match to meet solid Cerezo Osaka from Japan, 30 June.

Matthaus vows lions will end if penalties are required.

Lothar Matthaus, Iron Eagle legend I don’t think England fans What are you afraid of facing Germany at Euro 2020, unless the match is decided on penalties?

The 4th Olympic Games of “Suthiya Jiwchalermmit”

Every athlete’s dream is to win a gold medal. Be the best of the athletes “Olympic Games” the ultimate aim that many A sport that dreams of winning a ticket to compete but can’t do it, but “Nong Nee” Suthiya Jewchalermmit, a 35-year-old Thai national team shooter, can grab a quota to compete in skeet shooting. “Olympic Games” in Tokyo Japan Between July 23 and August 8, in the women’s skiing category for the 4th time, won all gold medals in both the SEA Games, the Asian Games, the Asian Championships and the World Cup, while the Olympics were ranked 5th in 2008 in China

Love threatens the lion to meet the real “Iron Eagle” at Wembley.

england national team No need to face world champion France or European champion Portugal in the round of 16, but have to break the block with the German steel eagles in the first battle of the knockout round. Joachim Low warned the roaring lion team to be careful. Germany will be stronger. Sure and ready for the meeting at Wembley after the draw, Hungary ended up qualifying for second in the Group of Death while France and Portugal tied together with a total of four goals, just like the other field, hugging their necks. Together, 3 teams qualified for the last 16, the Spanish team entered the knockout stage as one of Group E, as expected. Luis Enrique Voss that no one wants to meet a fierce bull team after just showing a form that defeated Slovakia. 5 -0



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