Thai stock market conditions: closed down 10.60 points following the Fed’s fears of accelerating interest rates, fearing China’s return | RYT9

stock market Closed today at 1,546.80 points, down 10.60 points (-0.68%), trading value of 47,877.42 million baht.

stock trading today The index declined according to foreign countries. The index rose to a high of 1,556.90 and a low of 1,542.95.

Securities changed today, up 458 shares, down 1,151 securities and 481 digits unchanged.

Mr. Chaiyaporn Nompitakcharoen Assistant Managing Director Securities Trading Division Bualuang Securities said that today the Thai stock market has declined in the same direction as the foreign stock market. From concerns about the continued acceleration of interest rates by the Federal Reserve (Fed), which still has to track the US inflation numbers tomorrow, how will it come out?

At the same time, there are concerns from China that it may resume measures to control the spread of COVID-19 in many cities, which may affect the Chinese economy. In addition, the baht continued to depreciate. Therefore, there may be a sales force of foreign investors coming out continuously. In addition, tomorrow the Thai stock market will be closed. Causing there may be a sale to reduce the risk in the port out

The Thai stock market outlook on Thursday (July 14) after reopening remains dependent on US inflation figures to come out. If US inflation comes out lower than expected or as the market expected Expect the index to swing sideways or sideways up. But if US inflation comes out higher than expected have the opportunity to adjust further Because it is still a signal for the Fed’s interest rate hike that is still strong.

by giving resistance 1,560-1,565 points, support level 1,530-1,535 points

As for the securities with the highest trading value, the 5 securities

PTT trading value 1,519.80 million baht, closed at 33.75 baht, decreased by 0.25 baht.

BDMS trading value 1,473.59 million baht, closed at 27.00 baht, increased by 0.50 baht.

PTTEP trading value 1,450.47 million baht, closed at 160.00 baht, decreased 1.50 baht

SCB trading value 1,413.81 million baht, closing at 100.00 baht, down 2.00 baht.

KBANK trading value 1,273.09 million baht, closed at 146.50 baht, an increase of 0.50 baht.

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