Thai stock market conditions: closed negative 3.52 points, narrow swinging without direction, flooding situation

stock market Closed today at 1,616.50 points, down 3.52 points (-0.22%), trading value 98,947.17 million baht.

stock trading today Thai stock indexes move in both positive and negative territory. The index reached a high of 1626.55 and a low of 1614.31 points.

As for securities that change today, up 653 shares, down 1,130 securities and remain unchanged 581 securities.

Mr. Soraphol Wirameteekul, Senior Director of Securities Analysis Department, KASIKORNBANK, said that the Thai stock market today fluctuated in a narrow range without direction. after no new factors This causes the stock to swing sideways up/down not strongly. with the flooding situation that is stressful It is expected to drag for at least 1 week, so keep an eye on how it affects consumption. as well as follow up on the results of the relaxation of lockdown measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus

Asian stock markets today swayed in both positive and negative territory around 0.5%, while European markets this afternoon moved in negative territory around 1%. Boston branch resigns after news of stock trading ripples We have to follow up on what US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell (Fed) will have.

Investment prospects tomorrow (October 29) Mr. Soraphol said that the market would still fluctuate without direction. Ready to provide support at 1,610 points and resistance at 1,635 points.

The 5 securities with the highest trading value are:

KBANK trading value 6,152.75 million baht, closing at 133.00 baht, down 2.00 baht.

PTT trading value 4,258.42 million baht, closing at 40.50 baht, price unchanged.

PTTGC, trading value 4,212.37 million baht, closed at 63.75 baht, increased by 2.00 baht.

PTTEP trading value 4,159.96 million baht, closed at 119.00 baht, increased by 2.00 baht.

SCB trading value 3,668.86 million baht, closing at 125.00 baht, down 3.00 baht.



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