Thai stock market conditions: closed up 1.52 points, swing sideway

The SET closed today at 1,680.02 points, an increase of 1.52 points (+0.09%), with a trading value of 82,469.00 million baht. Analysts revealed that the SET today is sideway swinging. The index made a new high for 2 years and 5 months at 1,682 points, so it is strong. sell out profit And today, the number of Covid-19 cases has accelerated to more than 8 thousand. Investors are still waiting for new factors. Both bank performance, the results of the 25-26 January Fed meeting, and keep an eye on the Chinese economy that is likely to slow down after the return of the coronavirus. Tomorrow’s trend is expected to see the market see-sideway down to support 1,670 and 1,663 points, resistance 1,683 and 1,690 points.

stock market Close today at 1,680.02 points, an increase of 1.52 points (+0.09%), trading value 82,469.00 million baht.

stock trading today Thai stock indexes move in positive and negative territory. The index reached a high of 1,682.71 and a low of 1,675.74.

As for securities that change today, up 958 shares, down 975 shares and remain unchanged 575 shares.

Mr. Kiticharn Sirisuk-archa Senior Vice President – Retail Securities Analysis CGS-CIMB Securities (Thailand) said that the Thai stock market today swings Sideway, still stable after US inflation figures came out as expected. While our home market has adjusted outperform than the regional market. After a continuous increase and today’s highest level of 1,682 new highs in 2 years and 5 months from August 2019, there is a short-term profit-taking momentum.

In addition, the number of people infected with COVID-19 In the country, it has accelerated to more than 8,000 cases again. making the market today not far away While some investors are still waiting to follow new factors. Both the announcement of bank results that will start to come out tomorrow (Jan 14) are expected to start from TISCO.

Including following the US Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting on 25-26 Jan. How will this attitude towards high inflation numbers? and the direction of the Chinese economy After Goldman Sach lowered its forecast for China’s GDP from 4.8 percent to 4.3 percent as the coronavirus situation in China has re-emerged to the point that some key cities have to be shut down. and affecting foreign trade causing concerns that the Chinese economy will slow down

Investment prospects for tomorrow: Mr. Kiticharn expects the market to be still sluggish and swing sideway down, although there is no inflation to pressure the market, but a correction may be seen. Recommend to gradually take profit in the area of ​​1,680-1,700 points

Ready to provide support at 1,670 and 1663 points, resistance at 1,683 and 1690 points.

As for the securities with the highest trading value, the 5 securities

KBANK trading value 2,868.14 million baht, closed at 145.00 baht, increased by 1.00 baht

SCB trading value 2,232.51 million baht, closed at 127.50 baht, increased 1.50 baht.

SAWAD trading value 2,030.82 million baht, closed at 64.75 baht, increased by 3.00 baht.

GULF trading value 1,947.68 million baht, closing at 49.00 baht, a decrease of 0.50 baht.

PTT trading value 1,607.86 million baht, closed at 39.25 baht, price unchanged.



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