Thai stock market conditions: closed up 14.86 points to ease inflation concerns – gilt bonds fell | RYT9

stock market Close today at 1,653.61 points, an increase of 14.86 points (+0.91%), trading value 67,561.59 million baht.

stock trading today The index moved in positive territory all day. The index rose to a high of 1,656.54 and a low of 1646.95.

As for securities that changed today, increased 1,161 shares, decreased 641 shares and remained unchanged 549 shares.

Mr. Chaiyaporn Nompitakcharoen Managing Director Securities Trading Division Bualuang Securities said that the Thai stock market today It rose in the same direction as other stock markets in the region. Driven by worries, inflation numbers have passed their peak after the US announced the Consumer Price Index (Core PCE) in April that began to see a slowdown. Causing the market to ease the pressure of accelerating strong interest rates began to decline And the 10-year US Treasury bond yield has dropped to 2.75%, supporting the stock market. and causing money to flow back into risky assets speculation Meanwhile, domestic factors are still factors that will continue to support the Thai stock market. from the economic recovery after open city and open country This supported tourism-related and consumption-related stocks to rise, with quite a lot of purchasing power, reflecting confidence in the economic recovery.

The Thai stock market outlook tomorrow sees that the index has risen quite a lot after And come up to test the resistance level 1,650 points, there may be some profit taking. causing the index to fall in the short term and swing the sideways to wait for new factors The following factors are the European Leaders Summit that will be held until the end of May. How will there be more sanctions on Russia? And tomorrow there will be a weight reduction of MSCI Rebalance stocks, which has already been news.

by giving resistance 1665-1670 points, support 1640-1645 points

As for the securities with the highest trading value, the 5 securities

AOT trading value 4,239.84 million baht, closed at 69.50 baht, an increase of 0.50 baht.

PTT trading value 2,309.29 million baht, closed at 38.00 baht, increased by 0.50 baht

PTTEP trading value 1,763.32 million baht, closing at 165.50 baht, price unchanged.

KBANK trading value 1,499.15 million baht, closed at 148.00 baht, increased 1.50 baht

BDMS trading value 1,494.81 million baht, closing at 25.50 baht, price unchanged.

CPALL trading value 832.68 million baht, closed at 66.00 baht, increased by 1.00 baht.

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