Thai stock market conditions: closed up 4.24 points in one line, no new factors supporting region, keep an eye on Bond

stock market Close today at 1,676.87 points, an increase of 4.24 points (+0.25%), trading value 82,389.00 million baht.

stock trading today Thai stock indexes move in positive territory. The index reached a high of 1,680.39 and a low of 1,672.93.

As for securities that change today, up 630 securities, down 1,011 securities and remain unchanged 552 securities.

Mr. Nuttachat Mekmasin, Assistant Managing Director Securities analysis department Trinity Securities said that the Thai stock market today moves. moving in positive territory This is in line with other Asian stock markets that move in alternating positive and negative territory. because there are no new factors After investors heard the news, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) may raise interest rates this year. which will start in March 65 enough already Puts the start of the week mostly in Wait & See mode.

As for tomorrow’s trend, the market is expected to be stable, suggesting to monitor the yield of US government bonds from reaching new highs continuously, which may affect the earning yield gap of various stock markets, giving resistance at 1,690 points and support at 1,660 points.

As for the securities with the highest trading value, the 5 securities

TKC trading value 4,686.97 million baht, closed at 30.00 baht, increased 12.00 baht.

GULF trading value 4,381.31 million baht, closed at 52.00 baht, increased 1.75 baht.

AOT trading value 2,388.15 million baht, closed at 61.50 baht, increased by 1.00 baht

GUNKUL, trading value 2,343.66 million baht, closed at 6.15 baht, increased 0.40 baht

GPSC trading value 2,319.94 million baht, closed at 87.25 baht, increased 1.50 baht




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