Thai stocks close +3.75 points, brokers advise to keep an eye on SNP tonight

SET Index closed +3.75 points. Analysts said the DELTA index helped support the market from falling into the negative. In general, there are no new positive factors coming in. It is recommended to keep an eye on the US Personal Consumption Expenditure (PCE) Price Index in February this evening Assess the investment framework next week, expecting swings to the side, looking at support at 1,595-1,600 and resistance at 1,625-1,630 point

The Thai stock market closed for trading on March 31, 2023, increasing +3.75 points or +0.23%, closing at 1,609.17 points, trading value at 43,181.51 million baht. An overview of today’s stock trading. The index moved in positive territory throughout the day during the day. The index reached a high of 1,614.09 points, in contrast, the lowest with 1,605.55 points.

While the securities that changed today increased 607 securities, 450 remained unchanged, and 907 securities decreased.

Regarding the trading volume distributed by investor groups, it was found that domestic investors had a net purchase of more than +1,799.62 million baht, and securities accounts had a net purchase of more than +130.62 million baht. baht and -492.64 Net institutional investors over -1,923.87 million baht.

The securities with the highest trading value of the 5 securities
1.DELTA, trading value 5,251.93 million baht, closed at 1,142.00 baht, up 42.00 baht
2.BBL, trading value 1,969.65 million baht, closed at 151.50 baht, down 3.50 baht
3.KBANK, trading value 1,349.83 million baht, closed at 132.50 baht, down 1.00 baht
4.PTTEP, trading value 1,334.11 million baht, closed at 150.50 baht, down 1.00 baht
5.CPALL, trading value 1,292.59 million baht, closed at 62.00 baht, down 0.25 baht

While the SET100 index closed at 2,177.85 points, an increase of 8.30 points or 0.38%, the SET50 index closed at 974.26 points, an increase of 4.71 points or 0.49% and the market index closed at 538.10 points, a decrease of -3.77 points or -0.70 %.

Mr Weerawat Wirojpoka, Director of Securities Analysis at Finansia Syrus Securities, said that the Thai stock market today rose from DELTA stocks, helping to support the other market. and the trading volume is not much As there are no new positive factors, at the same time, investors are still waiting for the US personal consumption expenditure (PCE) price index for February. to be announced tonight In addition, in the afternoon, the inflation index of the Euro Area, which slowed down more than expected. Leading to the European market to recover and move up positively.

msgstr “The SET INDEX index has recovered to its original level. by the bank group back in the same place It reflects the negative factors that anxiety has eased. After the banking crisis in the United States and Europe, after this, the market is likely to focus on inflation and interest rates in the US. If the US Federal Reserve (Fed) continues to raise interest rates, it will be difficult for the stock market to move up.

The stock market trend next week is expected to change sideways. by stock markets in foreign countries while Thailand itself has a holiday By looking at support at 1,595-1,600 points and resistance at 1,625-1,630 points.


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