“Thai stocks” closed in the morning, falling 2.82 points, expected to swing in a narrow range in the afternoon.

The movement of the Thai stock market index today (2 Dec. 2021) SET Index (SET Index) The market closed in the morning at 1,587.99 points, a decrease of 2.82 points or 0.18% and had a total trading value of 37,822.09 million baht, on the way to the highest point at 1,591.88 points and the lowest at 1,580.08 points.

Analysts at Globlex Securities Company Limited revealed that the Thai stock market in the morningindexvolatility in the negative territory The market still has concerns about Covid-19. Omicron species Resulting in selling pressure in the transport group. and banking group

for the trendafternoon stock market The index is expected to swing within a narrow range. If you test the resistance 1593 points and do not pass, be careful of selling pressure. Because the Volatility Index (VIX Index) is stable at a high level.

including the risk of omicron epidemic causing investors to slow down their investment in risky assets Assessing the support in the afternoon at 1580 points and resistance at 1,593 points.



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