“Thai stocks” closed in the morning, plus 0.21 points, no new factors – worried about infected people

movement ofThai stock market indexToday (10 Jan 2022) closed the morning market at 1,657.83 points, an increase of 0.21 points or 0.01% with a trading value of 40,455.96 million baht, on the way to the highest point at 1,661.67 points and the lowest at 1654.05 points.

Analyst, Securities Company (Globlex Securities) revealed that Thai stock marketIn the morning, the index swings sideways (sideways), plus or minus 4 points as the market has not yet had any new factors. Including there are concerns about the numbers.people infected with COVID-19 at a high level

As for the afternoon trend, it is expected thatThai stock market indexwill move in the frame of 1,650-1665 points, if it has not broken through either side, it istake a breakContinuing, however, keep track of the numberpeople infected with COVID-19 In the country, if there is a continuous increase, the index will continue to decline. support 1,650 points resistance 1,665 points



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