Thai stocks closed in the morning, soaring 10.50 points, volume 3.8 billion, nearing a long holiday, speculation about the EV group, hoping for government measures to support

Journalists report on trading conditions today (28 Dec.) The morning index closed at 1,647.00 points, up 10.50 points (+0.64%), trading value around 38,004 million baht. Thai stock indexes moved in positive territory throughout the morning. with a high of 1,650.28 points and a low of 1,640.75 points

Mr. Pichai Lertsupongkit Deputy Managing Director of Marketing Department of Thanachart Securities said that the Thai stock market this morning, some trading volumes are close to a long holiday during the New Year. The total daily trading volume during this period is below this year’s average. But there are speculations on shares in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, led by EA and GPSC stocks leading the market. from the expectation of government measures to support the use of EVs

At the same time, we must keep an eye on the situation of the spread of the coronavirus Omicron after the long holiday. which looks at the number of people infected with COVID-19 How will it accelerate? And the market is still facing pressure from selling pressure of LTF funds that mature in 7 calendar years next year. As a result, people slow down their investment to wait and see through the first week of next year. But believe that people who invest in LTF funds will have a profit of about 10%, which makes selling pressure may not be much. Also, follow up on the 0.1% share sales tax when will it be applied? which thought that the impact on the market was not much Afternoon investment trends The market will probably swing like in the morning, with support at 1,638-1,633 points and resistance at 1,658 points.

For securities with the highest trading value of 5 securities

EA trading value 4,608.36 million baht, closed at 95.00 baht, increased by 1.00 baht

GPSC trading value 2,355.07 million baht, closed at 88.00 baht, increased by 2.00 baht.

KBANK trading value 1,259.97 million baht, closed at 139.50 baht, increased 1.50 baht

KTB trading value 1,056.91 million baht, closed at 13.20 baht, an increase of 0.30 baht.

TTB, trading value of 939.99 million baht, closed at 1.43 baht, an increase of 0.06 baht.


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