“Thai stocks” closed up 5.02 points, energy-bank-retail stocks recovered.

movement “Thai stock marketToday (28 Dec) closed at 1,641 points. rose 5.02 points or 0.3% with a trading value of 73,161.16 million baht, during the day the index rose the highest 1,650.28 points and the index adjusted the lowest 1,640.61 points.

Mr. Nattapon Kamtha Krua, Director of Securities Analysis Department of Yuanta Securities (Thailand) said thatSET Index rose 5.02 points or 0.3% to close at 1641 points, driven by the recovery of the Bank andretail according to the direction of the regional market This benefited positively from the accelerated US retail sales during Christmas. Including concerns about the lockdown to intercept Omikron temporarily relieved

for the trendThai stock market On 29 Dec. 64, expect the SET Index to swing stable in a frame of 1,635-1,645 points. The main resistance around 1,645-1,650 points is still difficult to pass. because the turnover is not dense And there is no clear market support group. Recommend “speculate” small mid-cap stocks with unique positive factors such as STPI, MFEC.