“Thai stocks” fell sharply, the morning index closed 1,610 points, worrying about the FED raising interest rates suddenly and for a long time.

During the day, the index reached a high of 1,611.17 points and made a low of 1,599.87 points.

  1. The ranking of the most traded securities is
  1. KBANK closed at 138.00 baht, down 2.13%.
  2. AOT closed at 69.50 baht, down 0.36%.
  3. BANPU closed at 11.00 baht, up 1.85%.
  4. ADVANC closed at 202.00 baht, down 0.98%.
  5. PTTEP closed at 151.50 baht, down 1.62%.

Mr Kornphat Worachet, director of research and investment services, Krungsri Patanasin Securities, said that the Thai stock market this morning moved sideways down in line with the direction of foreign markets. After the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell (Fed) indicated that monetary policy would be tighter than expected by the market. The appreciation of the US dollar has a negative psychological effect on the market.

The SET Index fell this morning to the point where it fell below the key support at 1,600 before somehow bouncing back. The market now has a P/E of 15.4-15.5 times, down from the 10-year P/E average of 17.3 times, which is considered a discount price.

Assessor should not be too concerned about the increase in the interest rate in the United States. Because I believe that this point is the end of the cycle of raising interest rates. Ready to recommend investing in banking stocks, ICT groups and China playgroups The afternoon market trend is an opportunity to recover again. resistance at 1,620 -1,626 points, support at 1,600-1,597 points


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