Thai stocks today, Dec. 9, 64, close the stock market in the afternoon, down 0.13, the index is at 1,618 points.

Thairath Online

9 Dec 2021 17:45

Movement of the Stock Exchange of Thailand Or Thai stocks today as of December 9, 64, half-day afternoon, found that the index was down 0.13 points, a change of -0.01%, the index was at 1618.23 points, the highest index was 1,623.82, the lowest index was 1,612.57, trading value was 69,711.75 million baht.

The top 5 securities with trading value are 1. Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited 2. Jasmine International Public Company Limited 3. CP All Public Company Limited 4. P PTT Public Company Limited 5. Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited.

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