Thai swing team returns home, ‘Big Rang’ is satisfied with the results, despite not winning the gold as the target – fresh news

Thai swing team, the 31st SEA Games, along with the coaching staff Returned to Thailand safely after winning 2 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal.

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Swing Thai Team The Thai national team of the 31st SEA Games has returned to Thailand safely after winning 2 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal, with “Big Rang” Rangsarit Laksitanon The president of the Golf Association of Thailand, the association team and parents came to pick them up with flowers to congratulate.

Late at night on May 19, the national team golf players Arrived at Suvarnabhumi International Airport with flight WE565 from Hanoi at 10:13 p.m. with “Prosanit” Nithinan Sawsirisakul, the head trainer, along with “Pro Pui” Preecha Senaprom and “Pro Phi” Peerawat Wiangkham, the trainers, along with The national team athletes in this set consist of male athlete “Pai” Asit Areephan, a 19-year-old golfer from Chiang Rai.

“Fifa” Pongsapak Laophakdi, 17, from Chonburi, “PJ” Weerawit Nakpracha, 18, from Bangkok, and “TK” Ratchachanon Chantananuwat. A 15-year-old rising star golfer and three female athletes are “Sim” Nuttakrita Wongthaveelap, 20-year-old golfer, “Palmy” Pimkwan Chukaew, an 18-year-old swinger, and “Pangky” Ella. Galitsky, a 15-year-old rising star golfer from Chiang Mai

with “Big Rang” Mr. Rangsarit Laksitanon, President of the Golf Association of Thailand along with the association team and parents of athletes travel to receive warmly with a bouquet of flowers to congratulate all athletes In which this athlete has won 2 gold medals from the women’s team category and women’s individual from Natkritta Wongthaveelarp’s work, 1 silver medal from the men’s team category and 1 bronze medal from the male individual from Veerawit’s work. Nakpracha

“Big Rang” revealed that “considered the performance of this team is satisfactory to a certain extent. Unfortunately, the men’s team missed the opportunity. Because with the skill of our athletes, then it should be done. which the athlete admits to being excited and nervous about competing under the Thai flag.”

“Also, our team is still young and has a lot to improve. Believe that in the future, our Thai team should be able to do it. Now we have a total of 10 athletes, with 12 new athletes recruiting who will have to go through a skillful training session. before announcing the names further.”

“Nong Sim” Nuttakrita, the owner of 2 gold medals from this competition Said he was delighted and proud to have successfully won the gold medal for the Thai golf team. even though it was the first race

On the side of “Palmy” Pimkwan revealed that he was glad that the team succeeded in this competition. And will try to do better in the next competition.

While “Penny” Ella, Chiang Mai girl, who helped score important points for the Thai women’s team to win the gold medal in the team category, revealed that she was excited and happy for the first time to play on behalf of the national team. and proud of the team’s success

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