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Thai Ticket Major joins hands with Go Sport to push Muay Thai to the world

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Lt. Gen. Suchart Dangpraphai, Special Expert, Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters Mr. Lumpinee Stadium Boxing Stadium, Mr. Sittirut Sathien Jarupongsa, Executive Chairman of Go Sport Co., Ltd. and Chakraphan Satum together with Thai Ticket Major

By Mr. Komkrit Sirirat, Deputy Managing Director Participated in the signing ceremony of the contract for the rights to be a distributor of tickets for the “Lumpini Battle – Go Sport” competition both in Thailand and other countries around the world.

“Sue Lumpinee-Go Sport” is a Thai boxing competition that brings out the identity of Mae Mai Muay Thai. It can be divided into types of traditional Muay Thai competitions for 5 rounds, Muay Thai 3 rounds, Thai boxers fight with Thai boxers and Thai boxers fight with Foreign boxers, which are the highlight of the competition that boxing fans around the world are watching. That was the first stage appearance of a female boxer in history in 65 years since the founding of Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. Originally, there were only male boxers who would be able to enter the ring to proclaim their supremacy.

by boxing fans who want to watch the match in this battle can buy tickets through Thai Ticket Major with ticket price 400 baht for monthly viewing and 100 baht for daily viewing. Which visitors will be able to watch via Live streaming by TTM Live. ThaiTicketMajor’s Live streaming platform has Full HD resolution and stable signal transmission. which is widely accepted of many world-class event organizers both at home and abroad will give a taste like one who is watching close to the edge of the stage

Thai Ticket Major joins hands with Go Sport to push Muay Thai to the world

On the side of Lt. Gen. Suchart Dangpraphai, a special expert at the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters Mr. Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, said that the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium have prepared everything including worshiping sacred objects for permission to arrange female boxers to fight at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium for the first time in 65 years since the boxing ring opened By organizing boxing will retain the same identity every time. Like and there will be a new boxing style, scheduled for 3 rounds, 5 rounds, men and women, rules and referees are the same. To support the dissemination of Thai arts and culture through the art of Mae Mai Muay Thai It will be broadcast live online all over the world. including planning to deal with the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic If the government can arrange All teams are ready to continue to bring Lumpinee Go Sport World Muay Thai to the global market.”

“Thai Ticket Major It is a pleasure to be part of the dissemination of Muay Thai, a martial art that has long been famous and one of the charms of Thailand. out into the eyes of people around the world more widely without limitations With our experience and expertise in live streaming. as well as a system that has been accepted internationally We are confident that this will be another important way to reach people who like Muay Thai. It is also a good opportunity to expand the base to new audiences all over the world. Create a stronger image for our Muay Thai,” said Mr. Komkrit Sirirat.

Thai Ticket Major joins hands with Go Sport to push Muay Thai to the world

“Cooperating with Thai Ticket Major It is a pleasure to open a new dimension of watching Muay Thai online on the edge of the ring. During the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus, I would like to confirm that Lumpinee Go Sport World Muay Thai is ready to announce the glory to boxing fans around the world. With live broadcasts through the Live streaming by TTM Live system, which will be held in a closed system. Ready to cooperate with (HEALTH LAB) Health Lab Medical Technology Clinic Screening for Covid-19 with every boxer and co-worker so as not to be a burden to society Confirm the readiness of the team especially the boxer and the leader of the committee was prepared to prepare all the time called when it was time to launch immediately And most importantly, especially the light and sound that Go Sport has come to improve and add to the fun of viewing. Can guarantee that when the field is allowed to organize competitions I can assure you that I am absolutely thrilled.” Mr. Sittirut Sathien Jarupongsa said

Currently, coming to watch Muay Thai to the edge of the stadium is one of the top 5 dreams of foreign tourists. But due to the crisis of the Covid-19 virus outbreak Watching the match through Live Streaming by TTM LIVE, which is the platform Live streaming of ThaiTicketMajor. is the best choice that answers the question.

Thai Ticket Major joins hands with Go Sport to push Muay Thai to the world

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