Thai Watsadu continues to turn the Thai economy forward, opening 5 new branches in a row, pinning the latest, Tai Watsadu Srisaman, a new hybrid format.

CRC Thai Watsadu Co., Ltd., a construction material retailer and home decoration products in Central Retail under the Thai Watsadu brand Baan & Beyond, Auto One and V-Fix have invested more than 2,000 million baht for 5 new branches this year. counter the economic trend Covering the perimeter and other provinces such as Suksawat branch Samut Prakan Province 56th Branch, Bowin Branch, Chonburi Province 57th Branch, Ayutthaya Branch 58th Branch, Songkhla Branch 59th Branch and most recently, Sri Saman Branch, the 60th Branch is located on Sri Saman Road, Pak Kret District. Nonthaburi Province, near Robinson Srisamarn The specialty of Thai Watsadu This Srisamarn branch is a new hybrid format, the first branch of Bangkok.

Mr. Suthisan Chirathivat Executive Chairman of CRC Thai Watsadu Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Central Retail, revealed that “As you know, the country’s economy During the past COVID-19 crisis, people in all areas across the country were directly affected. Many businesses had to shut down. On the other hand, the crisis created an opportunity. CRC Thai Watsadu gained the trust of its customers until it reached the odds of No. 1 and continued to grow against the economic trend. Due to planning to deal with such crises Marketing strategy has been modified. to respond and respond to new lifestyles Keep up with the changing lifestyles of consumers. Even with the lockdown in areas where disease outbreaks But the need for home repairs and decorations during the COVID epidemic There are still more

In addition, we continue to expand branches. In 2021, we will spend more than 2,000 million baht in new branches. both in the metropolitan area and other provinces, such as Suksawat branch, Bowin branch, Ayutthaya branch, Songkhla branch and Sri Saman branch, totaling 5 branches, with each branch having an area of ​​​​15,000 – 20,000 square meters, with a full range of products for sale. covering all building materials and home products

And for Thai Watsadu, Sri Saman Branch, the latest branch number 60 and is considered the last branch this year. Located on Srisamarn Road, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province, we see that this area is a prominent urban development area. especially real estate business urban expansion out to the main city Expansion of electric train connections It is an important factor that makes real estate prices tend to grow continuously. causing factors contributing to other living conditions as well as department stores and work place: Bang Rak Yai Subdistrict, Bang Bua Thong District increased by 13% from the MRT Purple Line and Bang Kruai Subdistrict, Bang Kruai District increased by 16% from the Light Red Line Project. (Bang Sue – Taling Chan)

In the area between Bangkok – Nonthaburi along Sri Saman Road, this is a golden location to watch. due to the transportation system The route of the MRT Pink Line Extension of Si Rat Station combined with the Udon Ratthaya Expressway (Bang Pa-in-Pak Kret Expressway) just 2 km. off the Si Saman Expressway, you will find Thai Watsadu Sri Saman clearly to meet the demand for home goods for 120,000 households in the neighborhood. This can be seen from the full development of housing. both in the form of Low-rise condominiums, high-rises, townhouses, townhomes and detached houses of various sizes. As a result, the demand for home products in the area is quite high.

This Thai Watsadu Srisaman With an area of ​​20,000 square meters, it comes with a new special, Hybrid Format. The first branch is a merger between Thai Watsadu and BNB Home (BNB Home), which is located on the 2nd floor as a center for decorative products for homes. to provide a great shopping experience with selected quality products at a great price come together in one place Meet the needs of home products and decorate the house for the city people who want products with design and innovation to create a lifestyle to make the house more pleasant with a product line of more than 40,000 items, satisfying home lovers, shoppers and craftsmen, allowing them to choose products to their satisfaction, completeness, and completeness in one place. Thai Watsadu’s “Thai Helping Thailand Stimulate the Economy” will stimulate purchasing power and create a vibrant shopping atmosphere. and can generate sales according to the target

Mr. Suthisan added that adjusting the image from Home and Beyond to BnB Home will make it easier to remember the brand’s name. Access and meet the needs of customers at all levels Comes with various styles with diversity and complete functionality Both decorative items, repairs or home improvements. and comprehensive home services at a good price accessible and tangible Obviously, decorative purchase behavior factors Home repairs have changed. Consumers have more and more unique needs. The new generation has purchasing power. and have a desire to live a comfortable life need speed 24/7 responsiveness, social media influence. and is the main channel for making purchase decisions There will be a change in the name of the new storefront in 7 branches, namely Rattanathibet branch, Ratchaphruek branch, Bang Yai branch, South Pattaya branch, Friendship branch, Chiang Mai branch. and Phuket branch. Thai Watsadu (including Hybrid Format with BNB Home) will continue to expand branches. with an aim to expand 4-5 branches per year

“From the beginning of the year until the 3rd quarter, CRC Thai Watsadu had sales growth of 20% from the same period last year. It is expected that by the end of the year, CRC Thai Watsadu will generate sales as targeted.”



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