Thai youngsters, hard work, contests, Brazil, Italy, World Championships 2023

Thailand’s under-19 women’s team are working hard with runners-up Brazil and Italy, and the under-21 men’s team are with Bahrain, Iran and Tunisia at the 2023 World Championships.

The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) draws the group stages for the tournament. Youth Volleyball – World Youth Championship 2023, all 3 items

Starting at the 2023 Under-21 World Youth Volleyball Championships, the competition will be held in Manama, Bahrain. From July 7-16, 2023, this program also has the Thai national team participating in the competition.

A total of 16 teams take part in the competition, divided into 4 groups, 4 teams each. To qualify for position 1-2 through the 2nd round, while teams ranked 3-4 will be relegated to compete in the ranking round.

for the Thai national team, drawn in Group A together with Bahrain (host), Iran and Tunisia, while the performance of young Thais On this list in 2021, he finished in 12th place.

group lottery results
Group A

1. Bahrain (host)
2. Iran
3. Thailand
4. Tunisia

Group B
1. Italy
2. Brazil
3. Egypt
4. Mexico

Group C
1. Poland
2. Bulgaria
3. Canada
4. India

Group D
1. Argentina
2. Belgium
3. Czech
4. USA

The 2023 Under 19 Women’s Youth Volleyball Championships are taking place in Croatia. and Hungary Between 1-11 August 2023 by Thailand’s youth team Get the right to compete as the 4th place team of the 2022 Asian Championships

for this team A total of 24 teams took part in the competition, divided into 4 groups of 6 teams each. To qualify for 1st-4th place in each group up to the last 16 teams

Thailand’s women’s team is in Group C with Italy, former runner-up, Brazil, Peru, Canada and Bulgaria according to the results of Thailand’s youth team. Finish 11th out of 20 teams in 2021.

Group A
1. Hungary (host)
2. Argentina
3. Egypt
4. Cameroon
5. China
6. Chile

Group B
1. Croatia (hosts)
2. Turkey
3. Dominican
4. Puerto Rico
5. Nigeria
6. Germany

Group C
1. Italy
2. Brazil
3. Thailand
4. Peru
5. Canada
6. Bulgaria

Group D
1. USA
2. Serbia
3. Poland
4. Mexico
5. Japan
6. Korea

while another item in Thailand’s national team has participated in the competition in the 2023 Under 21 Women’s Volleyball World Championship in Mexico Between August 17-26, 2023, the group will be drawn on May 12, 2023.