Thailand arrested a businessman close to ‘Min Aung Lai’ in a drug case.

Thailand arrested a businessman close to ‘Min Aung Lai’ in a drug case.

On September 21, Reuters reported that the Thai authorities have arrested a businessman from Myanmar suspected of drug trafficking by revealing that he is linked to the highest level of Myanmar’s military junta government.

According to the words of Mr Colonel Krishna Pattanacharoen A deputy spokesman for the Royal Thai Police said Tun Min Lat, 53, was arrested in Bangkok. last week along with three other Thais on charges of conspiracy in drug and money laundering cases.

Colonel Krishna said that the police are now in the process of asking the court to order the detention of the accused. before the trial

Reuters, citing three news sources, said: Tin Min Lat Doing a variety of businesses, including hotels, energy and mining, he is close to Burmese junta leader Min Aung Lai and has provided food supplies to the army.

They said the British authorities had boycotted one of Tun Min Lat’s businesses in August. by reasoning that It is an attempt to limit the army’s access to weapons and income. He also published photos of Tun Min Lat with the junta leaders. including the arms fair in Bangkok in 2019

He also referred to United Nations documents. In 2019, Tun Min Lat is the son of Burma’s lieutenant colonel. retired and made a donation of $71,500 or 2,636,920 baht to the Myanmar Armed Forces in 2017.

Reuters said it has reached out to Tun Min Lat and his companies, including Myanmar’s military spokesman, for comment on the news. but no one answered

According to the National Police Agency later stated that management of the suspect on charges of conspiracy to commit serious drug related crimes, helping to support serious drug related crimes and conspiracy in conjunction with money laundering The officers carried out several searches. gathering evidence in several areas AND also seizing assets worth 200 million baht from the four suspects last September 17.

The four suspects are a 53-year-old man from Myanmar, a 38-year-old man from Thailand, a 44-year-old woman from Thailand, and a 50-year-old woman from Thailand.

On the official Twitter account of Justice for Myanmar, a group of activists for justice in Myanmar, The news of the arrest, said Tun Min Lat, was an arms dealer for the Burmese Army. and money laundering through the business of selling electricity To Tachilek, next to Mae Sai, where there is a casino business.

At the same time, he also stated that he has a business network linked to one Thai senator, including Min Aung Lai’s daughter, who runs businesses in weapons, mining, casinos, energy and tourism.

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