Thailand arrests Myanmar businessman Min Aung Hlaing over drug and money laundering charges

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Tun Min Lat is said to have close ties to Major General Min Aung Hlaing (pictured), the leader of Myanmar’s military junta.

Tun Min Lat, a Myanmar businessman A key arms dealer for the Myanmar Armed Forces was arrested in Bangkok on charges of narcotics and money laundering. with Thai network

Reuters reported, citing statements from Colonel Krishna Pattanacharoen, deputy spokesman for the Royal Thai Police, that Tun Min Lat, 53, was arrested in Bangkok last week. along with 3 other conspirators from Thailand on charges of conspiracy to traffic drugs and money laundering

Colonel Krishna told Reuters that “the police are currently in the process of asking the court to order the accused to be detained before the trial”.

Reuters, citing three sources, said Tun Min Lat, whose businesses include hotels, energy and mining, is closely linked to Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, the head of the coup. and leader of Myanmar’s military government and is an arms supplier to the Myanmar Army

He also says that when August The British authorities have imposed sanctions on one of Tun Min Lat’s businesses, arguing that it was “Attempts to Restrict the Access to Weapons and Income of the Myanmar Army”

Myanmar state media previously published photographs of Tun Min Lat with senior general Min Aung Hlaing, including at an arms sales event in Bangkok in 2019.

Reuters said that Attempts have been made to reach out to Tun Min Lat and his companies, including the Myanmar military spokesman, for comment on the news, but no one has responded.

Today (September 21), the Royal Thai Police published a news document explaining the arrest of “The suspect on the arrest warrant for drug-related crimes,” but did not name any names.

BBC Thai asked the police spokesperson if Mr Tun Min Lat was the main suspect who was caught or not, the answer was “In this class, only nationality, age and charge”

Colonel Krishna explained through news papers that on September 17 at 6:00 am, police officers and related operational units surrounded and searched several places jointly. And the arrest of four important people under an arrest warrant, including the ability to seize assets worth more than 200 million baht.

In addition, the Thai BBC also inquired about this arrest to Pol Maj Gen. Pornphithak Ruyuenyong, Narcotics Prevention Office 1, but said the arrest was not yet known. Because in the Bangkok area, there are many agencies that have the power to arrest suspects in drug cases.

for the arrest and charged with conspiracy to commit serious drug offences, helping to support serious drug offenses and conspiracy to commit money laundering, including

  • Male, Myanmar national, 53 years old.
  • Thai male, 38 years old
  • Thai woman, 44 years old
  • Thai woman, 50 years old

Subsequently, the officers brought the suspects to the Bureau of Narcotics Prevention (BCP) for investigation. and investigate the effects of people in the network

On September 20, the NRCS investigating officer brought the accused to submit an application for detention to the Criminal Court to be detained during the investigation, gathering evidence and completing the case in accordance with legal procedures.

Justice For Myanmar, a group of Myanmar justice activists, reported the arrest on September 20, saying that Tun Min Lat was an arms dealer for the Myanmar military. and money laundering through the electricity sales business to Tachilek Province near Mae Sai District where he has a casino business

Who is Tun Min Lat?

Irrawaddy magazine Independent Myanmar media reported that Dr Tun Min Lat, owner of Star Sapphire Group, has deep business ties with the Myanmar military. both in his blood and business guidelines

  • Tun Min Lat is the son of retired air force commander Khin Maung Lat, an unnamed travel operator. Provide information that the Lt used to. Col. Khin Maung Lat held the position of director general of one of the departments of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. After the 1996 coup led by General Tan Shwe
  • Tun Min Lan’s name was cited in a United Nations (UN) report on scrutiny of Myanmar’s military economic interests. As a major shareholder of Star Sapphire Group, it is a key broker in the supply of munitions to the Myanmar Armed Forces. the two Israeli surveillance drones and aircraft parts for the Air Force
  • Star Sapphire Group donates large sums to Myanmar Armed Forces The UN Fact Finding Mission on Myanmar reports on the UN Fact Finding Mission on Myanmar In 2019, the Star Sapphire Group was listed as one of 45 companies that donated money for the last army. “A brutal operation”
  • He is a contract broker between VPower, a major contracting company registered in Hong Kong. It is owned by the Chinese government’s China National Technical Import and Export Corporation (CNTIC) and Myanma Economic Holdings Limited (MEHL), a conglomerate controlled by the military through the Myanmar Business Consultative Group (MBCG) to undertake the construction of power plants and liquefied natural gas . (LPG) projects on military land in Rangoon’s Thanlyin district. As reported by Nikkei Asia in May.
  • He owns a number of hotels and casinos in Tachilek State, Shan State, the Thai-Myanmar border by renting land from the Myanmar Army by investing with Thai partners Tachilek is known as The “Golden Triangle” where the territories of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos are meet and is known as the world’s largest heroin and methamphetamine trade center.

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