Thailand-Canada Women’s Volleyball open match statistics before hitting the hot 2022 world championship

On October 3, 65, the move after the Thailand women’s national volleyball team has successfully qualified for the second round or round of 16 in the 2022 World Rubber Ball Championship, they will meet 4 teams from Group C, namely Canada (15), Germany (14), Serbia (4) and the United States (1) which teams in the same group in the first round do not have to compete again but take the results from the first round to be calculated To rank for teams that will qualify for the 3rd round or the next final 8 teams

In this regard, Thailand’s women’s national volleyball team, ranked 13th in the world, prepares to take the field in the second round, meeting Canada’s national team, ranked 15th in the world on Tuesday , October 4, at 8:00 pm Thailand Time, with the two teams meeting only 3 times, and it is a Thai girl who has won 3 times in total.

meeting statistics All are as follows

26/07/2003 Thailand won the Canadian set 3-1 (World Grand Prix)

19/06/2021 Thailand win Canada set 3-0 (League of Nations)

14/06/2022 Thailand beat Canada 3-0 (League of Nations)

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