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Thailand does not advise pregnant women to get ‘Covid Vaccine’ while some countries have already got it.

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April 30, 2021


Check progress in the case “Covid Vaccine” vs. “Pregnant” Thai doctors are still not recommending pregnant women vaccinations available in Thailand, while the UK allows pregnant women to choose “Pfizer” or “Moderna” vaccines. already

Previously, there were news reports about “Covid vaccine” Published to Thai people to get to know. One of the interesting issues is that people are “pregnant” or pregnant women. Doctors still do not recommend getting the COVID vaccine. Shortly thereafter, foreign news reports said that in some countries, pregnant women were allowed to get the COVID vaccine. “Pfizer” or “Moderna” Can be safely

Lastly .. Doctors from Hat Yai Hospital, Songkhla Province, have come out to educate people that before getting the injection. “The COVID vaccine” must check the body and various underlying diseases. Along with identifying which group of people can be vaccinated And which groups of patients can not inject? Bangkok Business Online Invited to update this issue at the same time.

1. Doctors point out “pregnant” not recommend the injection. “Covid vaccine”

On 27 Feb.Past 2564 Dr. Yongphu Worawan, MD. Head of the Center for Clinical Virology Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University Once gave information about the COVID-19 vaccine to the “pregnant” group that said

Regular vaccines like the flu vaccine Is a lethal vaccine that the pregnant can inject. But the COVID vaccine is still new. And has never been studied in pregnant women before In Thailand right now, it is not recommended for pregnant women to inject. Except that pregnant person is very vulnerable, such as an outpost personnel. May have to consider on a case by case basis They have to compare the risk and the outcome.

In the case of COVID vaccination, do I have to be pregnant or not? The next vaccine does not need to be injected.

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Consistent with the academic article ofRama 9 Hospital (20 Apr ’64) stated that due to limited data on the efficacy and safety of the COVID vaccine for pregnant women.

There were also no trials among pregnant women tested for the COVID-19 vaccine.Pregnant mothers who are not at risk of infection Therefore, the COVID-19 vaccine is not recommended. Unless pregnant mothers who are at high risk of infection should see a healthcare professional before making a decision.

2. England gives “pregnant” Pfizer-Moderna vaccine.

The Guardian news agency reported that The UK Joint Commission on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) has revealed that Any pregnant woman can getVaccinePrevent diseaseCOVID-19 Yes, you can choose the vaccination of “Pfizer” or “Moderna”.

Vaccination is determined by age and clinical risk group. After receiving information from the US that indicates About 90,000 pregnant women have already been vaccinated without safety concerns.

Professor Wei Chen Lim According to the Joint Committee on Vaccination, pregnant women should carefully consider the risks and benefits of vaccination with their GP and those at risk of COVID. Both vaccines did not have any safety concerns. Related to pregnancy

* Note: In Thailand, there are still only vaccines from Sinovac and AstraZeneca. Thai doctors still do not recommend that pregnant women get the two such vaccines. In addition, other brands of vaccines such as “Pfizer” or “Moderna” as of 30 April 64, Thailand have not yet arrived. Still in the process of contacting and working with the Thai government

3. People with underlying disease must check their body before injection. “Covid vaccine”

Latest .. On 21 Apr. 64 Dr. Watcharawiratyaporn, MD. Doctors at Hat Yai Hospital, Songkhla Province, have provided additional knowledge to the public. People with various underlying diseases That there are precautions before getting COVID vaccine, stating that

COVID-19 vaccine That Thailand has now It is a sterile vaccine produced from both Sinovac and AstraZeneca for patients with certain underlying diseases. Have to wait for the symptoms of the disease to subside before the vaccine can be injected, for example Cerebrovascular disease It is recommended that vaccination be given at least 4 weeks after the symptoms of the disease have subsided. Including pregnant women as follows

– Sick cold, unwell : I cannot get the COVID vaccine. haveThe precautions should be Wait 10-14 days before recovering.

– pregnant women : I cannot get the COVID vaccine. Because in Thailand stillThere is not enough information available forPregnant woman

– Mother is breastfeeding : Injectable The baby is breastfed normally.

– planning pregnancy : Can be injected, do not need to be pregnant, have children at all

– high blood pressure : Injectable If the pressure ≤ 180/110 mmHg

– Diabetes, kidney disease : Injectable The doctor recommends thatShould be injected!

– Cancer received chemotherapy : Injectable If ANC value> 1500

– AIDS : Injectable If you are calm, then you can get the COVID vaccine.

– Autoimmune disease, SLE : Injectable If you are calm then you can get the COVID vaccine

– Eating immunosuppressants // Injectable // If symptoms can be calmed.

– Epilepsy // Injectable // The vaccine did not induce more seizures

– Get other vaccines // Injectable // at least 1-2 weeks apart

– Take medicine Warfarin (anticoagulant) // can inject // If INR value

– Take drugs NOACs (anticoagulant) // Injectable // Do not stop the drug first.

– Take ASA antiplatelet drugs, Clopidogrel. // can injection // Do not stop the drug first.


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