Thailand faces “PM2.5 dust” that exceeds the standard for another 3 days

of the problem “dust PM2.5” In Thailand, it has risen so high that it exceeds the standard, especially today (February 2), many provinces are facing problems with smog, thick dust due to closed weather. together with the pollution in the air, so the Pollution Control Department has announced measures to control and reduce the amount “dust PM2.5” in thinner areas, because it is expected that people will have to face from 2-4 February 2023 “dust PM2.5” exceed the standard

by Mr. Pinsak Suraswadi, Director General of Pollution Control Department (PCD) that during the press conference “Promoting measures to reduce the source of PM2.5 and prevent health effects” that for the general picture “dust PM2.5” That rose above today’s level 3 standard, which is mostly found in Bangkok, the northern and northeastern regions.

The main reason is that the weather in this period is closed. caused the dust to be pressed in the northern area and the North East, there is still a lot of burning. During this period, the PCD found that there are about 1,200 hot spots, that the PCD will take measures to reduce the number of hotspots during this period down by around 50-60% or around 500 points, and is expected to alleviate the problem “dust PM2.5” It is quite good in this closed weather.

However, according to the forecast, Thailand will face “dust PM2.5” goes on for another 3-4 days, with the weather starting to improve on February 5-9. Having to face such problems until March, in the northern and north-eastern regions, the problem will drag on until April. Because the farm keeps burning

when the problem “dust PM2.5” It absolutely cannot be fixed. And people will have to face the problem of dust that exceeds the standard continuously every year. It is therefore necessary to take steps to reduce air pollution in order not to worsen the weather during this period.

PM2.5 dust

Mr Pinsak continued initially, if there are measures that correspond to the consideration of the weather, the dust can be controlled so as not to rise to level 4 or a period that affects health. in the Bangkok area PCD has continuously liaised with Bangkok, which has now started an announcement of a Working from Home collaboration to reduce the use of cars. And reduce traffic problems which are the main sources of dust in the Bangkok area. In terms of looking after the school or ordering its closure, the authority is that the BMA can act immediately. If the value of “dust PM2.5” is found to exceed the standard to level 4, the school may be closed depending on the order of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

As for the states, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has provided ad hoc measures. is establishing a front center to instruct local authorities to speed up understanding with the people during the burning time And if anyone wants to burn the farm must inform the details And permission must be obtained before it can be done.

By burning, proceed as appropriate. Remember the weather, especially in the next few days because it is closed. In the past, it was allowed to burn from time to time because it was found that allowing burning from time to time caused the burning to be too intense. However, measures to request cooperation in various areas, including reducing burning, mean that Thailand is given a number of days “dust PM2.5” exceeded the standard value, decreased In Bangkok, it decreased more than 56%, while 32% decreased in the 17 northern provinces.


for forecasting and analyzing the dust situation PM2.5 In the Bangkok area, the North and Northeast are as follows.

  • The north region, under normal circumstances, the value of “dust PM2.5” will be 25 micrograms / m3. If the air is closed but not burned, it will be 40 micrograms/m3. Closed air condition and still burning will be 100 micrograms/m3.
  • Bangkok Under normal circumstances, the “particulate matter PM2.5” value is 30 micrograms / m3. If the air is off but not there, the burn will stay on. 60 micrograms/m3 Closed air conditions and still burning will exceed 90 micrograms/m3.
  • North East Under normal circumstances, the “PM2.5 dust” value will be 25 micrograms / m3. If the air is closed but not burned, it will be 40 micrograms/m3. Closed air condition and still burning will be 100 micrograms/m3.


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