Thailand has registered LAAB to treat “Covid”, uses a minority group, 4 injections, the Ministry of Health has ordered the hospital to accelerate the vaccination of young children.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health revealed that the LAAB ready immune system register was registered for the treatment of COVID-19 patients, minor symptoms, aged 12 and over Two types of injection, 2 injections each, more for prevention were used. Order to speed up vaccination of young children. After a rural doctor posted 2 weeks ago, injecting only 6,000 doses, ready for the area to decide whether to inject or wait. If the child has not yet opened a bottle of vaccine

The Rural Medicine Club has released data on Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccination for children between 6 months and 4 years since the kick-off on October 12. Two weeks have passed, but the vaccination has been below the target of many. by injecting only about 6 thousand doses Raising concerns about the loss of vaccines

On 1 November, Dr Opas Karnkawinpong Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health gave an interview about this The Inspector General asked. The Ministry of Public Health and the provincial public health doctor (Dr. Sor. Sor.) said that there are still many hospitals that have not rushed into action, for example, some hospitals in some provinces are still lacking. I have to rush to speed up the injection faster. Politically, there should be no problem with vaccinating young children. but rather the actions of the practitioner The Ministry of Public Health will facilitate the operator to speed up the injection process. Regarding the number of vaccinations in this group of young children, follow the details from the Department of Disease Control.

Asked if 1 bottle of vaccine can be injected for 10 doses. Maybe some places are stuck collecting children for less than the number of open bottles. Dr Opas said that there are 2 parts, which are now born less the child. Some hospitals find it difficult to inject children at the same time. must be weighed There is a policy for each area to decide on. If not sprayed, wait for it to complete. Waited and waited and it didn’t spray. You have to decide if you want to speed up the injections for him or wait for the whole person to save the vaccine. There are advantages and disadvantages for the area to decide on. However, the Ministry of Public Health will speed up our service unit that every person is concerned about why children who are injected less often have to ask back why they did not inject the child completely. Although we have a target set, we will speed up the hospital. Hospital director to continue to be vaccinated

The reporter asked about the progress of the registration of ready-made immunity (Long-acting Antibody: LAAB) for use as well as treatment for prevention before exposure to the disease. Opas said Dr. I know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA. ) LAAB is registered to be used to treat coviral 19 patients, but what kind of patient is it, wait for the FDA Please inform the official details again.

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